Benimaru Nikaido

Birthplace: Japan(half American)

Birthdate: June 6, 1976 (24 or 21 yrs. old)

Height: 5'9 (I don't believe it!)

Weight: 152 lbs

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Jet flying

Favorite food: Pasta

Favorite Sport: Clay Shooting

Likes: Himself

Dislikes: Otaku(over obsessed fans)

Fighting Style: Shooting

Benimaru not only thinks he's the best fighter in his school, but the most handsome! So, instead of women being attracted to him, they find him rather annoying. (I don't Beni! ^_^) Since he is also half American, he masters in both countries.

A few years later, someone transferred to his school and supposedly stole his fans. That man was Kyo Kusanagi. Benimaru was furious. He challanged Kyo to a duel to see who was the most popular. Kyo accepted only if Beni promised to join a tournament that takes place every year in Japan. This tournament was called The King of Fighters. Beni agreed and thought of it as a way just to humiliate Kyo even more.

Sadly, Beni's calculations were wrong. It was Kyo that humiliated him! Benimaru, who relied on his power of electricity, accepted his defeat and thought he'd hate Kyo for the rest of his life. But, ironically, the two became best friends. Benimaru became a member of the Japan Team with Kyo and met their other member, Goro Daimon. With this powerful team, they were the King of Fighters champions for many years.

When the King of Fighters '99 tournament comes up, Kyo is nowhere to be found! Benimaru is happy to finally be number one, but at the same time, worried about his friend. Goro also doesn't enter the tournament, so Benimaru joins a new team which includes, K', Shingo, and Maxima.

Shingo, was just an over obsessed Kyo fan. But Maxima and K' were very mysterious. K' also reminded Benimaru of Kyo at times. The mystery is finally solved when Krizalid arrives. Kyo arrives and saves the day. There was no real reunion, though. Benimaru and Shingo escape the crashing HQ of Krizalid's, but Kyo, K', and Maxima stay trapped.

King Of Fighters 2000 comes up. Maxima, K', and Kyo still are nowhere to be found. Benimaru and Shingo get two new members named Lin and Seth. Seth is an old friend of Benimaru, so he trusts Seth when it comes to the creepy ninja guy, Lin. He soon loses trust in Lin when Lin tries to attack Shingo. Benimaru survives through many quarrels with Lin in the tournament and seems to get no help from Seth. Now this should have an interesting ending! ^_~

So, as we all know, Benimaru loves attention and loathes whoever tries to steal it. Example: Kyo. But, he tries to get along with Kyo and succeeds. Benimaru states that women can't resist him, but the women know he's just an arrogant little freak. Even though Benimaru craves to be number one, he'd never let down Kyo.

MOST TALKED ABOUT RUMOR: Is Benimaru gay? Answer: Hell no! Didn't you just read the last paragraph? He loves women! Ecspecially me! ^_^ Anyways, in the manga Kyo does call Beni a femmy or prettyboy, but gets smacked short after that. This is probably the most talked about rumor in KOF.

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