Yashiro Nanasake
Leader of the New Face team and Nanasake band. Yashiro first appeared in KOF '97(?) He and his team are also possessed with Orochi blood. They joined KOF after Iori trashed their concert and heard he was in the King of Fighters tournament.

MARITAL STATUS:Single? or Taken? I don't think anyone knows. I have seen some manga pics with him and Shermie together. Guess we'll find out.

STYLE: Yashiro dresses kinda...awkward? But I guess anyone that owns a rock band would, right? But maybe he'd dress nicely for you on dates.

FIGHTING SKILLS: Yashiro has kind've a "pounding" fighting style. He fights aggresively and wickedly when in Orochi mode. A very challanging opponent.

SEX: Very fun! C'mon, Yashiro is the party type of guy! One night and you'll be begging for more! Hope ya don't faint. O.O

COMPETITION:Shermie, maybe. Becareful, she's deadly! She might go Orochi on you! But, her hair covers her eyes, maybe you'll get lucky and she'll trip over a stick!

OVERALL:Yashiro is a fun-loving, caring guy. And if your that Ms. Right, he'll come running to ya.