He drove me into a local Burger King and explained about the man he hired me to look for. He said he had wacky black hair, a purple thing covering his mouth and some kind of ninja suit. He also said that Eiji had attempted to kidnap his girlfriend a few years back. He wanted revenge. But I wasn't listening to him because I was ordering a burger. So he had to repeat the whole damn thing over again.

I think I scared him when I accepted the case. He said I had an insane look then left the building... I wasn't sure if he still wanted me to take the case or not. I decided to do it anyways. Garcia is rich, and I will be too... soon!

*heavy breathing* Heres...a... letter for you!... Mr. Yamazaki!... Bye!! *jogs out*

As I was eating, some wierd lady that used to be on my team came jogging up to me. She gave me a letter...

Okay, yeah. I'm taking this case. But, I'm going to need my partner. My most trusted friend, Billy Kane. Heres a picture of him:

Yup, thats Billy. I ran into him at a book store... He was reading a menu. I don't why! He's crazy like that! Anyways, he glady accepted the case.

Sadly... Billy isn't too bright. Here we are, posing for some newspaper..

So, we began our search. We searched high and low for that man.... Nothing! We asked Kusanagi while he was shopping with his lady. He laughed at us. We asked Heidern and the Ikaris... they laughed at us. We asked the Bogard brothers...well, they laughed at us! But I just stuck my tounge out at them.

It seemed like days... we never found any clues or evidence. Then... Billy approached me... I've never seen Billy with the look he had.

Grrr.... Billy how could you?! First you betray me with Beni Shampoo... now this?!

*sigh*... So that concludes Case #252... or was it 253? So what happened to Eiji?.. The world may never know!

Hehehe! From the maker of Beni Shampoo! ^_~