Terry Bogard
Known as the Lone Wolf, Terry is one of SNK's most prized characters. He's the main character in Fatal Fury and leader of the Garou whatever team. >.< His father was killed by Geese Howard right before his eyes yet he brought up Geese's son, Rock. Terry's former girlfriends Lily and Sulia were also killed and now he has a follower named Mary. O.O

MARITAL STATUS: Well he was with Lily. Killed by Geese. Then Sulia. She killed herself. -_- Now is he with Mary? Thats kind of an iffy situation we got here.

STYLE:What does he always wear? That red vest, hat and blue jeans. But he sure looks good in it! Later on, he does cut that long hair and gets a new style which makes him look alot like a trucker.

FIGHTING SKILLS:A website said he trained under a technique called Kenka Sappou, meaning Deadly Brawling. He's very speedy yet very strong at the same time making him a very annoying opponent to face. (Believe me! O.O)

SEX:Very pleasant and very smooth. Terry is a perfect ladies man and seems great in places such as the bedroom. ^_~

COMPETITION:Mary!!! That woman is evil. Evil I tell ya! You even touch "her Terry" she'll get ya! You've been warned...

OVERALL:Terry maybe a little stubborn at first but he is a true gentlemen. And if you've won his heart, theres no one to worry about that will stop you.