Chapter 4: Quarter Quarrels

The crowd roared when the young movie star, Athena Asamiya, entered the platform with her loyal teammates, Sie Kensou, Chin, and Bao. She flashed them all a pearly smile and waved to her fans. She flung her hand up, yelling out her famous taunt and spun around until she was in the fighting gear she enjoyed best.

Her audience cheered more loudly after this bringing more confidence to the teenager. She winked and blew her crowd a kiss then made her way to the middle of the platform. The crowd suddenly got silent and everyone looked to the closed double-doors, wondering when they would open.

One particular man in the crowd had the best seat in the house. He tilted his shades to his nose and studied the closed doors as well. He sighed, "Come on kid. Where are you?" he whispered, bringing his shades back to his eyes. He looked over at the movie star on the platform. He whistled and smirked, "She's not half bad..."

Athena looked over to this man starring at her. She smiled nervously, seeing that this guy was atleast twice her age. But he was rich, like her. He did have nice blonde hair and bushy eye-brows. She tried to look away from him, but his starring at her was making her completely nervous. Chin also caught the man starring at Athena and approached her.

"Its best to stay away from that street fighter." he explained to her. Athena turned to the old man and gave him a confused look. Chin continued, "Thats Ken Masters. One of the richest men out there. He's not on our side. So stay away."

"Don't worry." Athena reassurred him, "I'll becareful."

Chin nodded just as the double-doors finally opened. The crowd cheered and waited for the smoke to clear. Just then, a teenager a little younger than Athena came through the doors. She had short dark hair wrapped in a white head-band and she wore her school uniform.

Athena eyed the young woman and stood ready. The opponent in return watched Athena as she stepped onto the platform and approached her.

"I take it your Sakura?" Athena greeted, "Welcome to Southtown." she extended her hand out to the student and smiled, "May the best fighter win."

Sakura smirked and took Athena's hand. She nodded and replied, "I guess I'll be winning then."

Athena just kept her smile and backed away from Sakura, waiting for the first bell to ring. Sakura did the same. Ken Masters leaned over in his seat, awaiting for the fight. Kensou and the rest wished Athena good luck and left the platform and took a seat in the crowd.

The audience began to count down, "6... 5... 4.... 3.... 2....1!" the crowd roared loudly as the two girls ran to eachother. Before Sakura could land the first punch a loud crashing sound was heard from the announcing booth. Everyone turned to it and saw a tall man clad in prison clothes standing infront of a table that was broken in half.

Sakura watched nervously and whispered to herself, "Too early... too early!" she watched the prisoner scratch his scraggly head and paniced again, "No Cody! Go back! Go back!"

Cody shrugged his shoulders and laughed. He pushed some guards away and headed toward the movie star. Athena narrowed her eyes and flicked her purple hair off her shoulders. She stood in a fighting position and waited for him.

"I'll save you Athenaaaaaaa!" Kensou cried out running infront of Cody. The prisoner cocked a brow, looking at the young psycho soldier. He laughed and easily pushed Kenous out of his way.

Athena sighed and shook her head, "Idiot...." she quickly looked back up and her attention was on the brawler standing right infront of her.

"Athena Asamiya!" Cody laughed, "We're gonna have some fun with you!"

Athena glared at the much taller man and heard some obnoxious laughter behind him. Athena and everyone else turned to the double-doors and saw Karin, laughing her head off as usual.

Chin gritted his teeth and ran to Athena. He grabbed her by the arm and said, "We don't stand a chance against them right now! Lets get out of here!" Athena nodded and fled from the tournament as quickly as they could.

"Wait for meeeeeee!" Bao cried, running after them.

"Hey! Me to!" Kensou yelled, also running out.

The crowd stood silent. Ken Masters got up from his seat and approached the three other street fighters. "What was that?" he asked, "Some plan you had. I almost bought it. Now they got away."

Karin smirked and shrugged her shoulders, "Perfect."


Athena growled and put her sunglasses on, hopping into her convertable. "That was down right cheap! Those street fighters! Don't they believe in fair fights?!"

Chin sat in the passangers side and shook his head, "Not children like them. The older and more mature ones, like Guy and Chun Li and Ryu. They will be better opponents. But your assigned to Sakura I'm afraid."

The movie star and sighed but nodded. "Yes, I know. I just wish she could fight her own battles. That prisoner she was with seems dangerous. Whose taking on him?"

Chin looked up and thought for a moment. He cleared his throat and replied, "I believe Geese said Ralf Jones is facing the brawler."

"Ralf is an Ikari! He can take him!" Kensou winked.

"Yeah!" Bao joined in.

Athena giggled and started up the car.


Terry Bogard was at the usual Neo Geo arcade, enjoying a game of Garou Densetsu. Kids were crowding around the loud fighter, who kept losing and popping more quarters into the machine. Each gave each other a look of wonderment, wondering when the man will give up.

"Oh! Take that! Yeah! No! No!.... no... no..... NO!!!!" Terry cried out and hit the controls of the machine. He dug through his pocket for another quarter and found it to be empty. "Darnit!"

One girl giggled and said, "Maybe next time, Mister."

Terry smiled and patted the girl on the head. "Yeah, maybe next time."

"Well well, if isn't the famous Terry Bogard." a snickering, not really threatening, voice said from behind the Bogard.

"Huh?" Terry turned away from the little girl to the smaller man in a pink gi leaning against a Pac-Man arcade machine.

Terry Bogard was now laughing. He didn't even bother to get up from his seat, awaiting a challange. He just dusted off his hat and looked at the man, "Dan Hibiki! Whats a wimp like you doing in Southtown?"

Dan growled and shook his fist at Terry, "How dare you insult the fantastic Dan Hibiki! I am here to take you down, Terry Bogard! So prepare to fight!"

Terry yawned and scratched his nose. He kept his eye on the small man and whistled, "Wow Dan! Have you noticed how lame and old your threats are? And that pink gi? I am so terrified!"

The kids in the arcade began to laugh.

Dan growled, "You better be scared, Bogard!"

"Surely your only here to play a simple fun game, like Pac-Man!"

Dan smirked and crossed his arms, he knew he had the advantage now. "Oh yeah? Atleast I can beat such a simple game without wasting all my quarters."

"Grrr.... what'd you say?!" Terry demanded.

Dan shrugged, "I mean, I do have more important things to spend my money on."

Now Terry was smirking as he crossed his arms, "Yeah, like on books on how to get a life! Or maybe lessons on how to dress better?"

"Speak for yourself!" Dan insulted, "Your torn up clothes and dirty hat! When was the last time you took a bath?"

The crowd cheered and waited for Terry to make a comeback. Terry just laughed and got up from his seat. He approached Dan, who seemed to be cowering a little.

"Oh really?" Terry asked, "Well then, Dan. Why don't you take my clothes and wash them? Since thats all you seem to able to do right. I mean, pink! Come on, is it the new fad?"

"Hey! I'm not the only fighter who wears pink!"

"Oh? Who else then Dan? Huh? Who?!"

Dan thought for a moment then began to stutter, "M... Ma.... Mai! Mai Shiranui!"

"Dan, if you haven't noticed, Mai is a woman." Terry taunted.

Dan gritted his teeth and shook a fist, "Thats it Bogard! Lets fight!"

"Sorry, I'm late for a date. Maybe Joe will fight you." Terry walked past Dan, pushing the small fighter into a machine.

Dan cried after him, "I'll get you yet Terry Bogard!"


Mary Ryan was dragged all over Bison's headquarters then shoved into a room. She landed on her knees and grumbled an abundunce of curse words before looking up and seeing Bison standing infront of her. He offered his hand to her. She just smacked it away and helped herself up.

Mary glared at Bison and brushed her ratted hair with her fingers. "What do you want?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"Come now, Mary." Bison spoke calmly. He made himself comfortable in a tropical looking chair and picked up his martini, "I only wanted to talk to you. I thought you might have been bored in the prison cel I had you in."

"I bet you were thinking more." Mary rolled her eyes, feeling disgusted.

Bison just chuckled and set his drink down. He studied his little servant for a moment or two. "I don't understand why your not so important to Geese." he finally mentioned.

"What are you talking about?!"

"Well, I just haven't recieved a call from Howard yet."

"Your lieing!" Mary cried.

"Now now, don't fret. I'm sure he's gotten my letter about the tournament and I'm even more sure your teammates told him about your taking."

"Tournament?" Mary cocked a brow, calming down her own anger and changing it into curiousity.

"I've arranged a tournament. It'll be happening in Southtown in just a few short days. The matches will be excellent!" Bison exclaimed then went on listing some matches, "Ken Masters and Robert Garcia, Guy and Kim Kap Hwan. And how about this action packed one: Cammy and Leona! My own Shadowloo member, Balrog will be facing Yashiro Nanasake."

Mary rolled her eyes and shrugged, even though her shoulders were bruised. "So what? We'll beat your pathetic tournament and you'll be gone for good soon enough."

Bison tisked and shook his head, "Mary Ryan, do you think thats all I've planned?"

"What do you mean?"

Bison smirked and simply stated, "The real matches will be to die for."

Mary's throat suddenly went dry. She did not like the sound of Bison's voice as he said that last sentence. "And what about Billy and Yamazaki?" she managed to whisper.

"Don't worry." Bison smirked, "You'll see them soon."

Mary didn't respond. She just looked away from Bison and prayed for the protection of her teammates.