Chapter 3: The Streets of Southtown

As soon as K' flung his firey fist towards Guile's face, a metal cuff en-circled it. K' cried out as Guile locked that arm behind K's back. He quickly grasped the other arm, cuffing them together.

"K'!" Maxima called, running to his friend's aid. But Charlie was quick to pull out his gun and jump infront of Guile and K'. Maxima stopped and growled, lifting up his arm revealing his wrist arsenal.

Guile ignored the two gun-man and grabbed a chunk of K's hair, his fingers digging into the scalp. Guile pulled K's head back towards his, ignoring K's cries of anger. "Its nothing personal, Dash." Guile whispered into the other's man ear, "The government heard about the N.E.S.T's project and want you for some experiements. They hired me and Charlie since we're the best in our field."

"Why are you telling me this?!" K' spat.

Guile smirked and laughed shortly, "Its my job. I don't leave my victoms clueless. I wouldn't chase you down in a helicopter for nothing. Now tell your friend to back off and we won't harm him."

K' laughed, trying to jerk away from Guile but finding it to no avail, "Maxima doesn't give into you pansy military threats! You guys are nothing but cowards. All you do is follow the orders of others!"

This comment angered Guile. The American fighter growled and kneed K' in the back. K' cried out in pain, arching his back the way it was sent as blood flew out from his mouth. "I fight for my country, you science experiement shit! I won't take beef from someone who was created in a lab to clone the best fighter in Southtown!"

K' growled, looking at Guile from the corner of his eye, "You got the wrong man. I am not a clone! That was Krizalid. Why don't you go to N.E.S.Ts base! Then you'll know."

Guile looked at Charlie, who still had his gun pointed to the silent Maxima. He looked back at K', "I told you, kid. I'm following government orders. I could care less if your the clone or not. I was sent to capture a K' Dash. Besides, you can't fool me. I heard all about the N.E.S.Ts base exploding back in 1999."

K' smirked and looked at the military man from the corner of his eye. His gloved hand began to burn...



In the high mountains of Japan, a very built dark figure stood silently. His arms were spaced from his sides, his very large hands were in a fist. He grunted and closed his eyes, concentrating. He spread his large feet apart and bent his knees a bit as reddish, firey aura surrounded his body. The mountains shook violently as the aura grew bigger.

The figure made no noise while charging up this incredible power. A few seconds later, he let it go and the mountains stood still.

All became silent again...


Mary Ryan stepped out of the dressing room and peered at the mirror infront of her. She groaned in disgust, studying her outfit. She spun around, studying the back, groaning even more.

The blonde fighter wore a gold bikini top designed with silver lining, her bottoms was a very short and very tight gold skirt with a slit ending at the waist. Around her neck was a black choker with a hook at the front, she knew Bison had the attachments. Her shoes were also gold, a six inch heel with a small gold strap around the ankle.

The door to her locked room opened and Juni stepped in. For someone who had no emotions, she sure snickered at the attire Mary was being forced to wear. Mary gritted her teeth and held her tounge.

Juni approached Mary and forcefully turned her towards the mirror. She sat Mary down and tied the blonde fighter's hair in a tight bun, letting some blonde strands slip out. She spoke understandingly and demanding, "Bison awaits you in his quarters. You will come with me. From now on you are no longer a KOF competetor. You belong to Bison and will always belong to him. Understand?"

Mary spat and glared at Juni from the mirror, "You can trap me in this filth you call home. But you can never take my Garou Densetsu spirit. My teammates will come for me!"

Juni looked back at Mary and made no emotional response. She just simply said, "We shall see about that, Blue Mary. Lets go, now. Bison doesn't like to be kept waiting."


First came a sound of a window shattering, then the sound of a man screaming in agony, then the sound of a body hitting the pavement. A few seconds later, came the sound of another man's victorious chuckle.

Kyosuke approached the shattered window and looked at the ground below. He smirked at the sight of Iori Yagami lying in a bloody puddle, unconcious and humiliated. "My my, Iori. It looks like you've broken the hotel window. You know how much damages cost these days?"

No answer.

Kyosuke laughed again, "No reply, eh? I see then. I hope you remember this day. Remember the day you were beaten... by a mere high school brain! Your not as strong as people say you are. Sad to say, you disappoint me. Oh well. Goodnight now!"

The Rival Schools student turned away from the window and headed out the bathroom. Just as he was about to close the door, he heard a groan from behind. Not just any groan... this one sounded angry.

Shivering at the noise, he slowly turned around and gasped. His feet froze as he looked up at the dark, towering figure infront of him.

Iori was now in his orochi form. His hair turned from red to purple, his eyes turned completely white, and his body was hunched over. He starred at Kyosuke, blood dripping from his lips.

Finally finding his feet, Kyosuke backed away and stuttered, "Unbelievable! I didn't think the rumors were true but... you can actually turn into this demon!"

Iori kept silent, except for his heavy breathing and took a step towards Kyosuke.

Kyosuke let out a fearful cry and turned away, running down the hallway. The orochi demon let out a terrible cry and chased after Kyosuke.

Running as fast as his feet could take him, Kyosuke turned many corners, trying to lose the demon. But found it to no avail. Iori stayed right behind him.

After somemore running, Kyosuke made the mistake of looking back and was tackled down by Iori. He cried out as loud as he could but never got the help he needed. Iori was on-top of the student, thrashing at his young body and leaving Kyosuke no room to fight back.

Soon the cries stopped and Kyosuke lay in the hotel hallway. Iori changed back into his normal form and collasped beside the student.


In the downtown bar owned by King L'Armour, things were their usual. King was outside of the bar, welcoming usual members and kicking out under-age non-welcome others. Duck King was inside, taking care of the music being played and Mr. Big was at a table, playing a hand at cards. Of course, he had a few women on each arm.

After kicking out another teenage pervert, King looked up at the towering figure that was next in line. She cocked a brow then asked in an annoyed tone, "Mr. Howard? What are you doing here?"

Geese cleared his throat and answered in his deep, sinister voice, "I am here regarding your old partner, Mary Ryan."

King shrugged and allowed the next few people in, "Yeah. What about her?"

"She was kidnapped."

King laughed, not believing Geese. "Who does she think she is? Yuri Sakazaki?"

Geese growled and grabbed King by the collar, pulling the female bouncer to his face, "Do you think I'm joking?! It wouldn't be so bad if she was kidnapped by someone else, but she was taken by M. Bison!"

King gasped and struggled from Geese's grip, "Oh, I see." she narrowed her eyes and demanded, "Put me down." After Geese let her down, she continued, "What happened?"

"I sent Billy, Mary and Ryuji on a mission. Something went wrong and Mary was taken hostage. I plan to call Bison and plan a tournament." Geese explained.

"So why are you telling me this?" the blonde fighter asked.

Geese smirked and pointed inside, "Because, he has one of his spies in your bar."

"What?!" King gasped, turning around quickly. She looked in the direction Geese was pointing. She spotted a young, blonde haired man, sitting by himself in a dark corner. He had a rose to his face, his eyes closed. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at King. As soon as they made eye contact, King felt a chill run down her body.

"How did he get in?" King whispered.

"Didn't you let him in?" Geese asked, raising a curious brow.

King ignored Geese's question and walked into the bar, approaching the silent blonde man. He looked up at her and grinned.

"Yes?" he questioned in a smooth, delicate tone.

"I don't believe I've ever seen you here, stranger." King greeted, sitting at the seat across from his. She didn't even wait for him to ask her to sit.

"This is my first time here." the man answered, setting the rose down on the table. "Are you the bouncer? I'm quite amazed to see a woman doing such a dangerous job."

"Get used to it." King demanded in an angry tone, "Who are you?"

The stranger opened his mouth, about to answer when a sarcastic voice answered for him.

"I'll tell you who he is."

The man looked behind him and King looked up. She smirked and stood up, "Benimaru Nikaido. Whats up with you tonight?" King asked in a joking tone.

Benimaru didn't answer as he watched the man slowly stand and face him. The two men starred eachother down for a short time before Beni flung a fist at the man's face.

The man dodged it by dropping to his knees and swinging a foot at Beni's legs. Benimaru jumped the leg sweep and kicked the man clear across the face.

The man fell back, putting a hand to his cheek. "My face... You... you hit my face!" he cried out, "How dare you harm my face! I'll kill you!"

The man jumped up, doing a flip in the air and landed with a silver mask in his right hand. He slipped the mask on then pulled out three blades, attaching them to his right hand. After seeing this action, King knew good and well that this handsome stranger was Vega. The Card Carrying Psychopath.

Benimaru smirked and charged up a ball of electricity in his hand and swung it towards Vega, "Rai Kou Ken!"

Vega jumped over Beni and slashed at Benimaru's back. The electric fighter cried out in pain and fell to the floor, still screaming. Vega laughed and removed his mask, licking the blood from his claw. "Nice try Nikaido, but you should know whose the strongest, and more beautiful."

Vega laughed again and placed his hands on his hips. He was too into his victory to notice Beni slowly get up on one arm and sweep both legs at Vega's. "Shinkuu Kata Te Goma!" he yelled out, spinning around in fast swings.

Vega gasped and fell to his knees, only to be hit again in the face. Growling about his face being injured, Vega looked up at Benimaru about to speak. But as he moved his head upwards, he was attacked by a blue fireball. Which was performed by the bar keep herself, King L'Armour.

Benimaru placed a hand on King's shoulder and nodded. She smiled and nodded back. Then the two looked down at their enemy, who lay motionless.

Geese shook his head and walked over to his limo. Hopper opened the door for him and Geese sat down. The black limo drove down the dark street.