Chapter 2: Encounters

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Karin?!" Sakura whispered, fearfully, staying closely behind Karin.

The rich, high school girl just shrugged and kept walking on. Sakura eyed the gloomy prison building before them. It was a big brick building, electrical fences surrounding everywhere and signs all over the place saying, "Beware: Street Fighter Cody is jailed here. Please pertain caution before entering."

Sakura gulped as she saw these signs. "Karin, I'm not so sure about this!!!"

Karin just kept on ignoring Sakura and muttered to herself, "Hmm, he said he'd be right infront of this window at 2pm... where is he?!" Karin glanced at her watch, then starred at the wall.

"Karin, what are you talking about?" Sakura asked in a shakey voice.

Just then, some kind of war cry could be heard and a part of the brick wall fell to the ground. Standing behind the rubble was none other than the trouble-maker, Cody. He had a wide grin on his face.

Karin sighed, placing her hands to her hips, "Could you be loud enough?! The cops will be around any minute. And how do you think you'll get around this electrical fence, here?!”

Cody shrugged, which wasn’t easy since he was still cuffed, “Whew!” he called out, “Don’t sweat it, babe! This isn’t the first time I’ve escaped. This fence ain’t nothing.”

Karin crossed her arms and waited for Cody to make a move. Sakura stayed behind Karin, eyeing Cody nervously. Cody was just laughing nervously and scratching his dirty blonde hair.

“Well... lets see. How did I escape last time?...” Cody dropped his hands and began to think.

“Figures.” Karin sighed.

“Oh yeah!” Cody exclaimed, “I think Guy helped me.”

Karin shook her head, “Cody, stay put. I’ll bring my limo over here. Try not to cause any more trouble.”

“Sure thing!” Cody winked.


Kyo sipped his coffee and eyed his blonde friend infront of him. Benimaru looked absolutely miserable. His eyes were half open, starring at the white coffee cup before him. His hair was down, a bit ratted in his face. Which has never happened!

Kyo set his cup down on the cafe's table and cleared his throat before speaking. "Beni, were you up all night hunting down Vega? You look terrible."

Benimaru sighed and ran his hands through his hair, "It was him, Kyo. I know how Vega is."

"What are you talking about?" Kyo asked.

"Vega! I'm talking about what Vega did, damnit!" Benimaru exclaimed, slamming his fists down on the table.

The cafe went quiet. All eyes were on Benimaru.

Kyo sighed and shook his head, "Go on, Beni." he commanded sarcastically, "But can you make it so only I can hear?"

Benimaru also heaved a sigh and began to explain, "I saw Vega attack that innocent woman. I tried to protect her. But that disgusting bastard took her! He got a taste of her whole body then fled. He fled like the selfish coward he is!"

"Why didn't you stop him while he was taking advantage of this girl?" Kyo questioned, calmly.

"It was too late. When I found her she was near death." Benimaru answered, "She. . . she begged me to go after him. So I did. But he wouldn't face me!"

"I understand, Beni. But you can't take him down now. After the tournament these street fighters will be out of Southtown." Kyo tried his best to comfort his friend, "Geese will see to that."

"Geese doesn't own so much of Southtown, anymore." Benimaru pointed out, "Besides, he's evil."

Kyo couldn't help but laugh, "Yeah, but still! Geese owns this town and he won't let someone like M. Bison take over. Maybe we'll be forced to work with Geese."

"It won't be so bad." Benimaru said, in a sudden change of heart, "Except for the people like the Bogards, Mai and Joe."

"They'll have to get over it." Kyo chuckled, "We need to welcome these street fighters. See how they like our tournaments. They won't be here for long."

Benimaru shot Kyo a puzzled look. Until he realized what Kyo meant and grinned as well.

The two were so into their planning they didn't notice the booth behind them. A blonde woman hidden in a red trenchcoat tried to act casual as she listened to the whole conversation....


Sweat trickled down the blood red hair of the blood-thirsty Iori Yagami. He heaved a gigantic breath, not pausing once in his exercises. He kept on pumping his arms up and down until counting to one-thousand. Done with his push-ups, Iori sat up to catch his breath. Jumping to his feet, the hungry orochi set out to the fridge.

The cola can popped open with a hiss. He took a long gulp then headed for the showers. First, he went for the sink, lowering his head to the fauset and splashing cold water on his face. Taking a deep breath, and now feeling refreshed, he peeled the sweaty white oxford off of him and turned the shower on.

Iori ran the hot water under his hand, waiting for it to get just to the right temperature. While waiting, he thought back to his exercises and remembered why he was pushing himself even more. Kusanagi, of course. He was beaten and humiliated by him again! And it was getting to the point where it was just plain ridiculous!

Iori growled as the water became too hot and burned his hand. He turned on the cold water and sat up to remove what he had left of his clothing. Grabbing the waist of his pants, he lowered his head and smirked, "Waiting to see Yagami Iori himself in nothing? Or did you get the wrong hotel room?"

"You knew I was here." a sarcastic male voice answered from behind, "You are more clever than I expected."

"I guess I am full of surprises." Iori responded, turning his head slowly to the person behind him. As he had expected it to be. The man who obviously copied Iori's style.

The man had blondish-red hair going foward and wired-framed spectacles squaring his eyes. He wore clothes almost exact to Iori's except it was a white jacket over a black shirt.

"What I'm wanting to know is..." Iori began, clutching his fists as purple flames began surrounding his body, "Why are you following me into the showers?!"

Kyosuke moved his spectacles even with his eyes as he laughed loudly. "Oh yes, Iori, I just enjoy watching KOF men bathe themselves. It turns me on." he responded sarcastically.

"Hmph!" Iori spat, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his neck. He still kept his back to the Street Fighter, "Sarcasm. Thats all you are. Smartass sarcasm."

"Oh? I'm hurt." Kyosuke answered in of course, his sarcasm. "Yagami, the irony between you and me. I've simply come to warn you about some up-coming events..."

"Warn me?! Hah! Your a fool. Well, what is it you've come to warn me about? Get on with it so I can take my shower." Iori demanded, losing patience quickly as usual.

"Haven't you heard, Yagami?" Kyosuke answered, narrowing his eyes, "We're everywhere. We're all over Southtown..."

Iori growled, "What are you talking about?!"

Kyosuke just smirked.


"Woohoo!" K' cried out, waving one arm in the air, the other steering his harley, "Now this is a chase! Right Maxima?!" K' turned to the motorcycle speeding next to him.

Maxima grinned and looked back at the helicopter hovering behind them. "You always have to live dangerously!" he teased, chuckling deeply, "But what if we run out of fuel before them?"

"Don't sweat! They'll just have to fly down and fight us! I'm not giving into any army or military or whatever they are!" K' remarked, speeding up a bit.

Maxima rolled his eyes and sped up as well. "He'll be the end of me someday..."

Guile growled and turned to his partner, Charlie, "Hey, Nash! Speed up! We can't let no puny KOF biker out-wit us! Don't you know how to pilot a copter?!"

Charlie sighed, "Better than you do, Guile. Don't worry, they won't get away. If you have to, get your revolver and shoot at them." he suggested, sounding tired.

"Hmm, not a bad idea." Guile complimented, pulling out a revolver from the backseat. "I haven't done this in awhile!" he saluted, sticking his head out the window.

"Becareful." Charlie replied, shaking his head and keeping close eye on the two bikers below them.

"Aren't I always?" Guile joked, aiming his gun at K's bike. He let out the first shot.

"Ah! Damn! They're shooting at us now!" K' growled, slowing his motorcycle down.

"What are you doing?!" Maxima exclaimed.

"Facing these jackasses!" K' answered, bringing his cycle to a complete stop, turning it to the side, the tires screeching loudly. K' put his foot on the road and waited for the copter to land.

Maxima sighed and pulled his motorcycle to a stop, "The things I do for you."

K' smirked, "Just stand your ground." he commanded.

Guile laughed, "Land this thing, Charlie! They're finally ready to fight."

Charlie sighed, "Don't be so quick to judge." he shrugged and slowly landed the helicopter to the ground. Guile was in a hurry and jumped out before the helicopter was at a complete stop.

Charlie jumped out next. K' and Maxima stood beside eachother, a certain distance from Charlie and Guile. The other two did the same. They starred eachother down.

"This is it..." K' whispered.

"Heh, come on rookie!" Guile challanged, stretching an arm.

"I'll show you a rookie!" K' threatened, charging towards the military officer.


Geese Howard sighed and shook his head as he watched the short battle taking place before his office building. "Well, atleast K' can take care of one of those street fighters."

Suddenly, the intercom went on. "Sir," a female voice reported into it, "Billy Kane is here to see you."

"Send him in." Geese responded.

Not a second later had Billy come crashing into Geese's office. "Geese!" Billy exclaimed, slamming his hands down on Geese's desk, "They've got Mary!"

"Who?" Geese asked.

"They got her! We have to shoot that plane down and save her!" Billy rambled on.

"Kane! Calm down. Who has Mary?!"

"Bison has kidnapped a KOF competitor!"

"He has, eh?" Geese chuckled.

Billy growled, "How can you be laughing at a time like this?! Mary has been held hostage and we have to go and save her! Tell me what the hell is so funny?!"

Geese just smiled and clasped his hands together, he simply stated this: "Well then, if Bison likes to play that game I guess I'll roll the dice as well..."