Trespasser's in Southtown

By: Mysty


Grabbing his martini, and sipping it quietly, M. Bison starred out the window of his private plane. "So this is Southtown? It doesn't look as pathetic as I thought." Turning to his employer, the New York boxer, Balrog, he asked, "Don't you agree?"

Balrog just spat and shook his head, "Not as pathetic, but still pitiful."

Bison chuckled, "Balrog, stop being so stiff. I have the perfect opponent planned out for you." he snapped his fingers and Juni and Juli approached him, "As for you my dolls, I'm having trouble picking out your opponents."

Juli and Juni just nodded, staying silent.

"I do have Cammy in Southtown already, she'll scope someone out."

"Speaking of Cammy. " Balrog cleared his throat, receiving permission to go on, "Has she reported in yet?"

Bison nodded, "She has, indeed. She heard of Kusanagi's plans of how to deal with us. It seems he has Benimaru on Vega's trail... Clever, those Kusanagi's are."

"What about Yagami?" Balrog asked, "We can't just shrug him off. Even in his Orochi mode, he's more dangerous than Blanka. What are we going to do about him?"

"Balrog, patience." Bison reassured, "I'm sure Iori Yagami will be no trouble to us."

"He thinks he's so clever..." a blonde stuartess whispered, listening to the conversation between a wall that separated her from Bison. "M. Bison, not worried about Yagami?... Something is up..."

"Sire," Juli spoke in her depressed tone, "It sounds like you have everything under control. We know nothing about these King of Fighters. Yet you worry about nothing?"

Bison nodded, "Indeed, dear Juli. We have our spies, Vega and Cammy, in Southtown giving us information. Geese Howard knows we are coming, so he probably has his own spies around."

"Do you mean, on this very plane?!" Juni exclaimed.

Bison just smirked and sipped his martini.

The stuartess grinned herself and stepped out from the wall, to the doorway. "Would you like another martini, monsieur?" she asked in a totally fake, French accent. Her voice sounded hateful.

"Oui, Mademoiselle." Bison answered, nodding his head to Juni, Juli and Balrog.

Balrog slammed his fist into his other palm and charged after the stuartess. The woman just kept her smirk and jumped over Balrog, tearing off her uniform. Her clothes underneath were a red tank and blue jeans.

Balrog growled and turned around. He charged after he again.

The stuartess flicked some blonde hair from her face and jumped over Balrog, again. This time, she grabbed his neck around her arms in mid-air, slamming him to the ground. Balrog cried out as his back arched up, a few bones cracking could be heard.

Juli clutched her fists and was about to charge at the stuartess until Bison sat up and commanded her to stop. Juli was hesitant, but obeyed. Bison approached the stuartess, studying every inch of her body, disgustingly.

The stuartess just stayed silent, breathing heavily.

Bison chuckled and began circling the stuartess, to a get a better look of her. Balrog got up and the other three surrounded her as well. "I know you." Bison explained, "Your a friend of the Garou Densetsu team. Blue Mary!"

"Bingo, Bison!" Mary spat, readying her fighting position, "Now if you don't mind, I have to take you and your little posse here, down!"

Bison tisked, shaking his head in disappointment, "Go right ahead and try. But you will fail. An innocent girl like you? Fighting alone?! Your such a fool!"

"She's not alone." a raspy voice answered.

Bison quickly turned around and saw a man dressed in casual black. He was holding a knife to Juni's throat, keeping the doll from struggling violently.

"Ryuji Yamazaki!" Balrog exclaimed.

Bison couldn't hold back the compliments. "So it is. Ryuji Yamazaki, I've heard so much about you. Your very clever."

"Merci." Yamazaki answered, not holding back the temptation to mock Mary.

The plane went silent. Everyone starring eachother down. Suddenly, Mary let out a battle cry and kicked Balrog across the face. With fast reflexes, Yamazaki slit Juni's throat and threw the doll to the ground. Bison's eyes widened as he watched his creation fall to the floor, blood staining the floor.

"Juni!!" Juli growled. Swearing a quick vengeance, the older looking doll charged towards Yamazaki.

Yamazaki grinned demonically as usual. He cleaned his bloody knife real quick, and waited for Juli's attack.

It was to Yamazaki's surprise when Juli jumped over him, landing behind Mary. The doll quickly locked Mary's hands behind her back, giving Balrog an easier chance at socking her in the face. Yamazaki turned around, angrily, to the sound of Mary's cries. He was quick to her aid, and swiped his knife at Balrog, almost un-noticeably.

"Argh!" Balrog growled, turning to Yamazaki, punching him in the face.

Yamazaki fell back, tripping over a chair. Balrog smirked in victory until Mary came up behind him, kicking Balrog from the back of his head. Balrog soon fell over, giving Yamazaki enough time to recover and finish his battle with Balrog. Mary went back to Juli.

Bison couldn't take this anymore. He fled to the pilot room, ignoring the others duking it out. He busted the door down and commanded urgently, "Pilot! Take this plane down, now!"

A southern chuckle was the reply. Bison's eyes widened as the pilot's chair turned around very slowly. Sitting there, legs crossed was a man almost as built as Yamazaki. A red and white striped bandana covered his blonde hair, an opened up blue jean jacket and blue jean pants. Bison also noticed the red cane, set next to him.

"Billy Kane!" Bison almost choked.

"So you do know me!" Billy winked, "Glad to hear it, pops!" Billy stood up, grabbing his cane. He readied his fighting position.

Bison growled and turned back to the passenger room. Juli and Juni were already out and Balrog was barely holding up. Bison had had enough. His fists glowed as he turned to Billy.

"You think your so clever, Kane?!" Bison growled through gritted teeth, "Now you die! Your body will be a nice present for Geese Howard!" he charged towards Billy, with his psycho crusher!

Billy's eyes widened and jumped it quickly. He ran to Yamazaki and Mary, opening up a door, "Retreat!" he called, pulling on a back-pack.

Yamazaki nodded and slid his on as well. He headed towards the door, violent winds trying to pull him back. He gave one more look at the few Street Fighters then saluted. "Avoir!" he called out, as he jumped out of the plane.

"We'll finish this at the tournament!" Billy warned, jumping out as well.

Mary winked and blew Bison a kiss. She stepped one foot out of the plane and then was stopped by a hard grasp to her shoulder. Mary shrieked as Bison pulled her back in and shut the door.

As Billy opened his parachute, he saw Mary get pulled back in. "No! Mary!!!" He cried out, helplessly.

Bison laughed demonically, pulling Mary to him, "What a beautiful prize Howard has given me!"