Shingo Yabuki
The shy yet sweet student of fire under Kyo Kusanagi. Kyo is Shingo's biggest hero and he's always wanted to be just like him. He even takes memo's during battles! Shingo was always alone up until '99 when he finally got a team with Benimaru! ^_^

MARITAL STATUS:Shingo is definately single. I've never heard of him having a girlfriend or even having any interests. All he cares about is being as strong as Kyo!

STYLE:Shingo would dress like any always-late-and-in-a-hurry high school student. Shaggy hair, wrinkled clothes but he's still so adorable! (he reminds me of Mondo from Pokemon... O.O')

FIGHTING SKILLS: A weaker version of Kyo's fire style. He is training under the man after all!

SEX: You can tell that Shingo is going to be the patient one and wait till your ready. Heck, you'd probably haft to wait for his shy self! Maybe boring at first, but with time things will get better.

COMPETITION: err... No one really...'cept his ever-so-loving and honorable fans. And Shingo has alot!

OVERALL: Shingo is the perfect example of any shy gentleman. He's just so darn cute! And he seems like he'll be respectful to any woman that crosses his path.