Rugal Berstein
One of the main, and toughest bosses in KOF. He sponsered the tournament after Geese and Krauser failed to do so. He has a transformation close to Orochi called Omega.

MARITAL STATUS:Married? Could be. He is kinda old. But I doubt it! Lets just say this man is single. Okay?

STYLE:Rugal is a rich man so of course he's stylish! (He dresses very nice when he's not in Omega form like in the pic on the left.) He wears something that reminds me of the western 20's. But its still cool!

FIGHTING SKILLS:Rugal is a very tough and very hard boss. He has a combo of lightning attacks and swift upper kicks. Watch it! This guy is almost impossible to beat!

SEX: Wild but maybe painful. Rugal is a rough yet patient man. He needs a strong woman to keep up with him.

COMPETITION:His wife? Does he have a wife? If he does, RUN!!!!! She's probably as tough as him! O.O

OVERALL:Rugal is a villian, lets put it at that. It'll take a strong, maybe evil woman for him to fall for. What a challange!