Rock Howard
Making his first appearance in Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves, Rock is the son of Geese Howard and student of Terry Bogard. Rock looks up to his father's most hated enemy and has a combination of Terry and Geese's fighting style.

MARITAL STATUS: A cute guy like Rock is actually single! O.O Can you believe it? *chases after Rock with all the other girls* MINE!!!!!

STYLE: Rock picks up from his father clean cut rich style and Terry's shaggy messy, I-don't-give-a-flip look. But on dates, he'll look decent....I hope! O.O

FIGHTING SKILLS: Of course a mixture of Terry and Geese's. Gosh how can I explain this....Is there a Terry or Geese fan in da house?! I've never really paid attention to those two... >.<

SEX:He'll probably be shy at first and you'd have to lead on...but soon he'll get the hang of it! ^_^ It'll be a fun!

COMPETITION: His many many fans. Hope you got your shot-gun ready. -_-

OVERALL:Rock is a serious but sweet character. And if your that one special person your his forever!