Robert Garcia
A mentor and student of Takuma Sakazaki and best friend to Ryo Sakazaki. Robert is the stylish, rich, fighter from Spain. He's also boyfriend to Yuri and has had to rescue her, along side Ryo, a few times. The only other thing Robert is in love with is his collection of cars.

MARITAL STATUS: Taken... -_- BUT WE CAN CHANGE THAT!!! *sets up bear traps* Here Yuri Yuri Yuri Yuri!!! Think it'll work? Robert sure does love this girl.

STYLE:Robert is the most stylish dude in KOF and Art of Fighting. He won't go anywhere without looking nice! I'd say he'd be the best dressed for a date! ^_~

FIGHTING SKILLS: Its really hard to explain Robert's fighting skills. He's very fast and very annoying to face. >.< All I know is he likes tossing a coin when he wins! :p

SEX:Nice, smooth and very pleasant! ^_^ Robert seems like a fun guy! Things will go perfectly with him around!^_~

COMPETITION:Yuri, definately. She's one tough cookie but, you can do it!

OVERALL:Robert is a pure gentlemen, and if you can get past Yuri, then he's yours for the taking.