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Hey Beni fans and welcome to my King of Fighters domain dedicated to Benimaru Nikaido. If you have no clue who Benimaru is, he comes from the game King of Fighters and is usually on a team with Kyo Kusanagi and Goro Daimon. You can figure out more in the biography section. Anyways, this is probably the only English Benimaru shrine around. I haven't found any others. So, as of June 20, 2001 The Fruit of Fighters Benimaru Shrine was born! Enjoy your stay! ^_^

05/13/02: Well, as you can see I changed the layout a bit. ^_^ I'm layout happy!.... Anyways!! I can't get alot in today because I have a very big algebra exam tomorrow that my teacher keeps saying I'm going to fail. Adoption parents and more humor added soon I PROMISE!

Benimaru and other King of Fighter characters are copyright of SNK or now known as Playmore. You can visit thier new sitehere. Banners and other things were created by me, so please do not take without permission. Cuz thats just downright rude! :p