These are just some of my favorite KOF pictures including other characters. Some were taken without permission but I give the owner full credit! ^_^ Geez, some even have the site owners logo! >.< I really hate it when people do that. Ya post it on the internet meaning ITS FREE TO THE PUBLIC!!! >.< Ah well, enjoy.

This picture has to be the most magnificent I've ever seen. The color is beautiful and its just, different!

Gaw, SNK draws the neatest pics! ^^ Specially the Iori-Kyo ones. Agree?

Heh, you gotta give those crazy dads credit. Their the bomb!

This picture makes me wanna faint! I LOVE Robert! He's one of the best next to Beni and he just doesn't get enough credit!

Alright, I admit, I'm not a Leona fan but this picture is neat. The colors and everything.

Aww! Iori feeding the kitty! Thats just too cute!

*gasp!* Mysty actually loves a yaoi pic?! Its true! I dig this pic, k?!

Another different picture I fell in love with. It seems the best art pics have Iori in it.

Another famous Iori pic. His new costume ruled!

Hehe, Yashiro tha hero! I rhymed! ^_^ I love this man, he's another fav of mine.

Cute rivals...*dreamy sigh*

Yes yes, this is Fatal Fury, I know. But Kain had to be one of the greatest bosses around. Can't beat Rugal though!

Hey hey hey! Who doesn't love Billy Kane?!

Rainy days...

Preparing for their concert. Who doesn't want to hear the New Face team?!

Hehe, Rock and Kain dukin' it out. I wonder who'll win....

Benimaru and Iori lookin' cool as always.


Hehe, Looks like BSB's Millenium cover!