Kyo Kusanagi
The main character of King of Fighters. Son of Saiysu Kusanagi. Leader of the Japan Team and enemy to Iori Yagami. He also mysteriously disappears during KOF '99.

MARITAL STATUS:Taken by his girlfriend, Yuki. (I pronounce it "yucky" *snickers*) But as I always say, we can change that! Right?...

STYLE:Wether its his old brown "sun" jacket or new suit starting in KOF' 99, Kyo is always styling! Just ask Yuki, she see's him all the time! ^_~....was I suppose to say that?

FIGHTING SKILLS:He's the main character, what do you think?! Kyo kicks butt! Especially with his fire attacks. Kyo is a very worthy opponent.

SEX: Wild and smooth at the same time. Kyo is a very fun guy that'll never keep you waiting. Though he may be the gentleman at first, he'll get into it!

COMPETITION:Yuki. But you can beat her up! She's a wuss! I think... So how about it? Lets give her a fight!

OVERALL: Kyo looks like Mr. Perfect. A shy, yet clean gentleman. If your kind and caring, he'll win you over!