More than just a KOF story
Disclaimer: Characters from KOF are copyright of SNK & Eolith.Credits go to ME, hehe for overall storyline, my cousin & her friend for giving me some ideas & SNK & Eolith for making the best game series ever.

Chpt 1
Japan: Mt Fuji, in a hidden secret base,

A man clad in a hooded cloak fumbles around his laboratory. His minions’ eyes follow his every movement intensely, waiting for verdict. He seemed to be searching for something within the large glass cylinders holding what could be the ultimate collection of ancient treasures. Each maintains its individual powers which could be seen on the power reader the hooded man holds closely to these treasures. “ 300… 700…900…NOOO!!! Damn it, I need more, more power! Useless!”He smashes an iron fist into a few cylinders, breaking the glass with a sickening crash. His minions mutter & discuss something among themselves for a while. The hooded man spun quickly around to face them. As though in response to that, a timid professor was pushed towards the hooded man, who stands at least 3 ft taller than him. His boss’s eyes hardened, “ You have something to say?”The professor shudders. “Erm, you’ve heard about the KOF tourney sir.” His boss gives him an exasperated look, “I don’t give a damn care about it.”The other group of professors start to push & nudge the timid one. “Errr, err… heard of the Kusanagi’s treasure sir?” The hooded man finally begins to play the major role of starting what could be the biggest operation concerning the KOF. “Tell me about it.”

Meanwhile, in Japan, Kyo & company are having jam sessions in an empty concert authitorium which probably wouldn’t stay empty for long. The CYS band would be performing in half an hour. Kyo was playing the guitar, Benimaru played the drums, Yuki was on the keyboard & as backup vocals & Moe Habana who also came to join in the fun was lead singer. “ …Dakedo mata itsumademo kawaranai secret of my heart, our future is forever!” “Secret of my heart… secret of my heart…” Moe Habana does a cute victory pose & shouts, “ Yay! We are no. 1!” Silence. Beni speaks up first. “ Er, that was cool but do you guys realize that we are being watched by dozens of people?” Indeed, fans that have originally turned up for to watch the CYS band were watching them in silence. There were murmurs of oh my gosh that’s Kyo, Benimaru… or I thought the CYS band was performing today…

Suddenly, the auditorium was filled with thunderous applause & screams from the various Kyo, Beni etc fans. Kyo turns to his gang, giving the “we better scram” sign. Yuki bows. “ Thank you for watching us… errr… the end so … bye bye!” Kyo & company then scramble out the back door which was left ajar. Unknown to them, Yashiro, Shermie & Chris were watching them from behind the curtain. “They were pretty good.” Shermie made a sidelong glance at Chris, “ But we’re better, hmph.”

Yashiro merely sighs. “Come on gal, you ain’t jealous are ya? Let’s go, our fans await us.” Back at the Kusanagi mansion…

“ Saisyu!” Mrs. Kusanagi runs up to her husband, lying on the floor in a bloodied mess. “Saisyu…Saisyu! Are you all right? Speak to me!”Saisyu winces in pain & coughs a little. He shakily points his finger at the Kusanagi sword hung on the beam. “ Gasp…cough… love, don’t let them get the sword! Listen, take our family treasure & cough… escape through the secret escape route!” “But who, who is after it? NEST again?” “No, it’s not the stupid bird nest, haha…it’s a different enemy. Run now while they’re still searching in the other 84 rooms! Ha haha…” Big sweatdrop appears on Mrs. Kusanagi head. She promptly whacks her husband, “ Baka, still have time to make sick jokes.” Just then, the distant sound of running footsteps were heard, they didn’t have much time left on the clock. “ Go, go now! Forget about me & go!” Mrs. Kusanagi did as she was told. Clutching the sword in a vice like grip, tears streamed down her face as she gave her husband one last look & hurriedly dashed down the secret passage, which echoed her loud, painful sobbing.

Chpt 2
Up on a grassy, gentle-sloping & very ordinary looking hill, is the sacred Kagura clan shrine. Crane sanctuary in the front garden, Japanese rock gardens at the back & the shrine itself are the perfect symbols of serenity which reflect the very nature of the mirror lady herself.

Chizuru slips on her white kimono after a ceremonial bath, only to face her daily duties as head of the Kagura clan. This meant acting as caretaker of the holy grounds, taking on the task of looking after the mirror which was used during the sealing of Orochi during the Orochi saga. Today was a little different from the other days though. Chizuru gestures to a small girl in white dress. “Miko, use the emergency hotline please, & hurry.” Immediately, Miko trots off briskly in the direction of the nearest phone in the shrine. (By the way, the hotline she refers to is the line used to call all the fighters simultaneously.) Kagura sits quietly, not knowing if she should be sad at the knowing of a new saga or happy for the fighters. At least, they can finally stimulate their restless minds & body…


Kyo & Iori, now staring coldly at each other are awaiting the right moment to face off in the showdown. Beni, Yuki, Habana & Iori’s pet cat, Spock stand nearby. Waiting for verdict. Suddenly, as though through telepathy, the two flame casters make a kind of warcry & dash towards each other with lightning fast reflexes & skid to a halt in front of each other (Everyone: ???). Dramatic pause.

Kyo: Hey, long no see pal!

Iori: … yeah…

Everyone collapses. “ Kyo.” Beni scratches his head, puzzled. “ I thought you & Yagami were rivals?” Kyo laughs: “ Nah, we stopped that killing bullshit in KOF 99 when…” The gang was interrupted by a distant noise coming in their direction. The noise became louder by the minute & a BIG cloud of dust could be seen coming towards them. The source of all the commotion from afar swiftly took shape from a black dot to human shape & flung itself to Kyo’s feet. Sweatdrop on everyone’s head.

Shingo: “Kyooooooooooooo-saaaaaaaaan!!! I have been searching for you!!!

“Eh, heh, heh … hi Shingo & no I’m not going to ask you to do anything for me.”

“… Man you’re no fun. Anyway I wanna give yal a message. Go to Chizuru’s place, pronto. It’s another meeting.”

“ If that’s so, why didn’t she call me through my handphone?”

“ Cuz her servant, Miko was still angry with you over that *snicker *, crane incident. You know, the one where you vomited in that basin which wasactually her crane’s water bowl… I think the crane died after wards.” (Everybody cept Kyo are now laughing, even Iori’s cat) “ Sheesh. Cut the crap, people. We better go to Chizuru’s place now or we’ll be …(turns around & bumps into someone) ouch! Why don’t you…” Kyo stops short at the sight of big robot, no, it was a half-human, half robot & everyone knew this meant trouble. “ Identified… Kyo Kusanagi. You will come with us.” The cyborg raises a bullet-loaded arm. The fighters immediately get into their fighting stances except Iori who calmly gestures to Spock, “Spocky, you know where to go. Kinda busy here, we’re gonna kick Cyborg butt!”

Somewhere else, Kula, Foxy, Angel & a very grumpy K’9999 are making their way to the gathering at Chizuru’s in a rowboat on a river. Kula was bored of travelling in environmentally unfriendly vehicles & decided to travel differently, much to the dismay of K’9999. Angel & Foxy are delighted about the whole thing though.

Foxy: “ Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream!”

K’9999: “Throw this Foxy overboard & you will hear a scream!”

Angel & Kula are greatly amused & laugh at this joke. K’9999 further irritates Foxy, (& amuse Kula & Angel) by making his hand into a puppet. “Row, row, row your boat, Down this bloody stream! Ooh look, I’m Foxy & I’m a stupid girl!” Kula & Angel shriek with laughter, tears streaming down their face. “ Grrr… K’9999! As your superior, I order…” K’9999 interrupts, “ a double cheeseburger!” Angel & Kula go into further hysterics. Foxy, now looking very stressed & worried, points indignantly in K’9999’s direction, “No! You stupid twerp, as your superior I order ALL of you to look behind you!” All of them, “Why?” Foxy continues, “ cuz when there’s a river, there’s waterfall!” They all plummet down the waterfall. “AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!” (Halfway down the waterfall, all take another deep breath) “AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!”

Meanwhile, at Kagura’s place…

Miko fills the cranes’ water tub (after inspecting that there were no traces of vomit inside) & turns to her Mistress. “ Miko, is it just me, or do the wolves howling away sound kinda like Kula & her gang?” Southtown…

“ Phew, I’m glad that you & the rest weren’t in the Paopao café when the zero cannon blasted. I thought you all were working so hard that you didn’t care about your safety.” King murmurs to her brother, Jean who was busily preparing a martini.“ I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost my fellow colleagues & my dear brother, let alone Ryo & the others…” Unexpectantly, King bents over & tears started to drip down onto the counter. Jean rushed over in a hurry & said some sympathetic words, “ Please, don’t cry… sis, aren’t I standing safe & sound by your side now? Don’t forget I’ll always be here for you. Besides, the Muay Thai champ never cries.” King wipes her face for a brief moment & looks up rather apologetically, “Nah, the Muay Thai champ was too proud of herself then.” “ Sheesh, don’t criticize yourself, King! Anyway, it’s about time you go for that meeting with Chizuru, or you’ll be late!” chides a dark, man standing nearby. “ Duck! Where did you come from?”

“ Me? Yo, I’m yer chauffeur for today! Don’t forget your date with da man! I mean meeting with Chizuru, sorry.”

“ Well, then Mr. driver.” King straps on a motorcycle helmet. “What are we waiting for? Let’s hit the road!”