Please note that this takes place when all the KOF characters a little and…BRATTY!!! Please forgive me if I make this sound a little to childish…anywayz here are the roles…

Principal: Geese
Kindergarten Teacher: Chizuru Kagura or Ms. Kagura
Janitor: Billy
Lunch ladies and man: Vice, Mature, and Rugal
Gym teacher: Heidern
Nurse: Angel
Speech teacher: Goenitz
Bus Driver: Lin
The kids a.k.a. Brats: Kyo, Iori, Shingo, Leona, Ralf, Kula, Chris, Yashiro, Shermie, Yuki, Benimaru a.k.a. Ben, Athena, Yamazaki, Kensuo, Bao, and Poophead…er…K’

Now the story (sadly) begins...

Kyo: (crying) Ms. Kagura, Iori hit me again…

Ms. Kagura: Stop hitting Kyo.

Yuki: its ok Kyo, I’m sure he didn’t mean it.


Ms. Kagura: Ok, class time for show and tell.

K’: (jumping around and is crossing his legs) Ms. Kagura I have to crap!

Ms. Kagura: What? But you just went 5 minutes ago.

K’: I can’t help it, I’m incontinent.

Ms. Kagura: sigh…go ahead.

(K’ runs off to do his business)

Ms. Kagura: (in cheesy voice) Ok kids as I was saying, its show and tell time! Who wants to go first?

(Everyone raises they’re hand)

Ms. Kagura: (thinking) this is gonna be one long day…

Ralf: Oh, Oh, I wanna go first.

Ms. Kagura: sigh, very well Ralf. (thinking) Please not another weapon, please not another weapon…

(Ralf comes to the front of the classroom dragging a large duffel bag behind him)

Ralf: Today I brought…(unzips the duffel bag and pulls out a) AN AK-47!!!

Class: COOL!!!

Ms. Kagura: not again…

Ralf: I use this one to go hunting and sometimes if I get a good shot, it can knock off heads!

All Guys in class: COOL!

All Girls in class: EWWW!

Ms. Kagura: That is it Ralf, I’ll have to confiscate that weapon.

Ralf: Again…

Ms. Kagura: Yes! (takes the AK-47 from Ralf)…now who wants to go next?

Shingo: ME! ME!

Ms. Kagura: Shingo, what have you brought us today?

(Shingo runs up to the front of the room)

Shingo: I brought (reaches in his pocket and pulls out) the gloves Kyo gave to me.

Ms. Kagura: Shingo isn’t that the same item you’ve been showing us for the last 51 days?

Shingo: Yeah, so? (goes back to his seat and sits down)

Ms. Kagura: (in cheesy voice) Now who to go next? …How about you Leona?

(Leona walks up to the front of the class reaches into her pocket and pulls out a few animal hairs)

Ms. Kagura: Um, Leona, if you don’t mind me asking, but what is that?

Leona: (emotionless) whats left from my pet dog… (walks back to seat)

Ms. Kagura: Um, ok Kensuo, how about show us what you got.

(Kensuo walks up to the front of the class and pulls out…)

Kensuo: Porn magazines.

Ms. Kagura: That’s enough Kensuo, go back to your seat now, um, Yamazaki how about you tell us what you have.

Yamazaki: STEROIDS!!!

Ms. Kagura: Um, never mind, um, Yuki how about you.

Yuki: I brought a picture I drew of me and Kyo! (pulls out one hell of a crappy picture)

Yamazaki: That is Ooogly!

Yuki: No it isn’t!

Ms. Kagura: Ok Yuki you may sit down now.

(Poopyhead K’ comes in and sits down, he has a very relaxing look on his face)

K’: phew…

Ms. Kagura: How about you K’, do you have any thing to show us?

K’: No but I have something to tell everyone.

Ms. Kagura: What is it?

K’: The author thinks I’m a crack head idiot that is really a whore!

Ms. Kagura: That was…very um, interesting…

K’: WAAAAAAAHHHHH!! You all hate my story! (runs back to his seat) Kula, aren’t you gonna make me feel better?

Kula; No way in Hell.

K’: WAAAAAHHHH! I’m such a loser.

Iori: No, really.

Ms. Kagura: Ok Kula how about you show us what you have for us.

Kula: (freezes K’) A frozen K’…

Ms. Kagura: Interesting… um, Joe how about you…

(Joe walks up to the front of the class)

Joe: I have this to show everyone. (moons the class)



Joe: Um, maybe 51.

Ms. Kagura: Joe go back to seat sit down and shut up.

(Joe walks back to his seat)

Ms. Kagura: Um Ben how about you show us what you have…

Ben: (walks up to the front of the class) I wanna show everyone my picture I got when I went to Hooters for my sixth birthday. (pulls out a picture of Benimaru sitting behind a birthday cake, behind Benimaru there are many women posing for the camera) See, see.

Shingo: Is that…the two lunch ladies in the back, what are their names, Mature and Vice…

Ms. Kagura: Ben how about you put that a way and sit down, Athena, I’m sure you have something appropriate to show us.

(Athena walks up to the front of the class, stands there for a minute then bursts out crying)

Athena: WWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO ME!!! (shows everyone a hentai comic about Athena)

(Ms. Kagura’s and Kensuo’s eyes nearly pop out of they’re heads, Ms. Kagura because it’s a hentai comic and Kensuo, because, you know)


(Athena sits back down sniffling)

Ms. Kagura: Ok, um… Iori, how about you…

(Iori goes up to the front of the classroom with his backpack)

Iori: I have (pulls something out of his bag) whats left of my dad (a bunch a fingers ant toes are in a plastic baggy)

Ms. Kagura: (really creeped out) oh look class its time for recess.

(kids run out of the classroom like a mob of people)

(Ms. Kagura takes Ralf’s AK-47 and opens up a locker full of knives, guns, grenades, bombs, and motovel cocktails)

Ms. Kagura: there’s another to add to my collection. (shuts locker)

Meanwhile outside…

(Athena and Bao are playing hopscotch with Kensuo watching Athena)

Athena: One, two, three, (trips and lands on her face) WWWWWWAHHH!!!

Kensuo: (sees up Athena’s skirt) WOZAH!!

(over in the distance Shermie, Yashiro, Yamazaki and Chris are by a tree)

Yamazaki: Looky what I smuggled out of the house. (shows Chris some pot)

Chris: Oh, oh, can I see?

(Yamazaki hands Chris some pot, Chris inhales it and turns into Orochi)

Child Orochi: HAHAHAHA (flies away)


(not to far away Ralf and Leona are playing army, well Ralf is playing)

Ralf: BOOM BOOM!!! I shot ya!

Leona: (just stands there emotionless) …(throws her earrings at him) KABOOM!!!

(nearby, Yuki, Kyo, and Shingo are on the swing set)

Kyo: Look I’m higher up then you Shingo!

Shingo: You are not! (with a burst of strength he swings much higher then Kyo, too bad for him he the chain breaks) AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

(just around the corner Joe is there playing with some dolls)

Joe: Yes Mrs. Lulu you can have a cup of tea. ^_^ (on the playground Kula and Iori are beating the hell out of K’)

Iori: (lights him on fire) You fire wannabe.

Kula: You failure. (freezes him)


(over by the fence, Benimaru looks at a nearby poster of some advertisement of some nightclub)

Ben: (looks up at the nearly nude lady) sigh…

(then Rugal opens the doors from the school)


(all the kids run into the school like a mob, running over Rugal)

Rugal: …Ow…

(all the brats…err…kids get in line for their food)

Vice: I hate this job!

Mature: Yeah it gets my fingernails all dirty.

K’: Lady can I get some food now!


K’: But it is.

Vice: Oh, really, here you go…(thinking) god do I hate kids…

Mature: That will be $10.00

Kula: What! All I bought was a slushy!

Mature: Err, the stock markets gone down 60%, now cough up the cash.

Kula: This SUCKS! (hands Mature a $10 bill)

Mature: Hehe…Thanks (sticks $1 in the cash register and put the rest in her pocket) Next!

(All the kids are sitting at different lunch tables)

Yuki: This stinks, they made me pay $30 for a small fry!

Shingo: Oh yeah! Well they didn’t make you $80 for a apple and chips!

Ben: (stares at Vice and Mature serving food) …sigh…

Kyo: Well gotta go. (walks away from the table)

Shingo: Where is he going.

Yuki: Oh, you know.

(The table switches over to Leona, Ralf, and Iori, who sits as far away from them as possible)

Ralf: And then in the movie, the guys head blows off and it explodes it was awesome!

Leona: (not listening to Ralf, stares at Iori right in the eye with the look of death) ……

Iori: (stares right back Leona with the look of death) ……

Leona: …

Iori: …

(then over at the loser table)

Joe: (sits by himself and eats a sandwich) Lalalala!!! ^_^

K’: (looks from place to place very worried) …mommy…

(over at another table Yamazaki, Yashiro, and Shermie are all smoking pot)

Chris: I’m back! (sits down and starts eating)

(At another table Kula sits quietly by herself, then her cell phone rings)

Kula: Hello…you want me to attack K’ again…at 5:00…got it…(hangs up) I love ice cream, (pulls out a sucker) but lollipops are better…^_^

(over by another table, Athena, Kensuo, and Bao sit together)

Kensuo: Hey Athena, can I see that comic you brought for show and tell?

Athena: (starts to cry) Don’t remind me…WWWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Bao: I love French fries!!! (stuffs them all in his mouth)

(Kensuo gets up and trips for no reason)

Kensuo: Gee, I think I sprained my ancle, I guess I should see the nurse. (runs toward the nurse’s office)

Bao: oooooook.

(at the nurse’s office)

Angel: ^_^ Here you go Kyo. ^_^ (hands him some pills and a cup of water)

Kyo: (takes his pills) Thank you Nurse Lady.

Angel: Awe how cute he just called me the Nurse Lady! ^_^

Kensuo: (runs in) Hey Nurse Lady, I think I sprained my ancle.

Angel: Nice try, Kensuo, I’m not falling for that one again.

Kensuo: Damn!

(back at the lunch)

Mature: Time to throw away whats left of your lunches kids!

(kids throw away all that sloppy stuff, you know the incredibly gross stuff)

Shingo: Kyo, Yuki, wait for me! (runs and trips which causes the trash can to fall and spill all over the place) Whoops!

Billy: DAMN! YOU LITTLE BRAT! NOW LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE TO CLEAN UP!! (chases Shingo with his mop/pole)


(gym time…)


Ralf: What! Were only kindergarters.


Kula: say it, don’t spray it.


Kula: Um, just saying how fun it is to do push-ups.


(after gym class)

Kyo: I’m… tried…

Iori: Shut…up.

Leona: (walks by without showing any sign of fatigue) …

(nurse’s office)

Kensuo: Miss! Really, I’m not kidding I sprained my ancle! All I want is a pack of ice!

Angel: Like I said Kensuo… not good enough…

(Back in kindergarten class)

Ms. Kagura: (Looks at the time) Gee, I think its time for your speech class, Iori, Leona, Yamazaki, Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris.

(All walk out of the room towards class)

Goenitz: Hello kids this is Speech class a.k.a. how to reserict Orochi class. Any questions?

Mature: Yeah, why are we here?

Goenitz: Well that’s probably because you’re all Hakkeshu.

Vice: A Hack a shoe?

Goenitz: NO HAKKESHU!!! Anyway once apon a time in anciet japan…(continues with Anti-Kid story) And that’s the end.

Everyone except for Leona and Iori: SNORE!!!

(Leona and Iori walk out of the classroom)

(back in kindergarten class)

Ms. Kagura: Well kids it looks like its time to go.

Kids: YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! (run out of the class like a mob)

(on the bus)

Lin: Stupid kids shut-up.

Kids: MAKE-ME!!!

Lin: I have to teach you a lesson. (gets off the drivers seat and walks toward all the kids at the back of the bus)

Kids: OH NO!

Lin: What? I haven’t even started to punish you yet. (turns around) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

(the bus hits a small little tree and totally dents the bus up. The kids run off the bus like a horde of ants to tell their parents what the bus driver did)

Lin: ROTEN BRATS!!! (Bus catches on fire) oh damn…

(back at kindergarten school)

Geese: I’m bored…

(then Terry Bogard runs in Geese’s office)

Terry: Geese! You killed my father! For that you shall pay.

Geese: Catch me if you can! (jumps out the window and instantly falls and hits the ground) Ow…

Terry: … o_O

The end…or is it…

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