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Starting quote: "Kakugo wa deki ta kana" = Have you prepared?

*Shrugs and says "Hmmm."* (KOF '95)
"Yadda Yadda" = Boring boring
"Yare, yare" - "Try harder"
(Capcom vs SNK) "Yaruki aru no?" = Will you try?


"Shinkuu KataTeGoma!" = "Vacuum One-handed ride!"
"RaiJinKen!" = "Thunder Fist!"
"Shibireru ze!" = "I'm going to sleep!"
"Benimaru Koreda!" = "Benimaru Collider!"
"Erekutorigaa!" = "Elec-trigger!"
"RaiKouKen!" = "Lightning Fist!"
"Ore ni tsuite koreru kai? Supaaku!" = "Can you follow me? Spark!"

Win poses:

"Thank you!"
"Do you understand?"
"Tankoshikatta yo, baby!" = "It was fun, baby!" (to girls)
(vs Kyosuke) "Korede wakataro, bou jya!" = "Do you know what this means?"

Victory quotes:

'95- "Rumors of your strength seem greatly exaggerated, pansy."
"Lambs are tougher than you. How do I know? Well...uh..."
"Someone who looks as good as me just has to win. Later!"



'98- "My reason for winning? I'm just cool. Real cool."

'99- "Watch me now! A flowers lifes brief!"

Capcom vs. SNK-
"I'm not conceited at all! I only speak what everyone else feels!"
"My Lightning strokes dazzle audiences around the world!"
"You are so lucky! I finished you off in a very impressive way!"
"You played a good shadow, but you could never come into the limelight!"
"My beauty captivates the world!"