You know you like KOF too much when. . .

---You mention how much Yuki and Kyo make such a bad couple so many times, your friends commit suicide.

--- You blame Orochi for your friends deaths

--- You worship your Iori statue made out of chewed up bubble gum everynight.

--- You actually go to a hair salon and ask the clerk for Beni Shampoo!

--- You refuse to marry your fiance untill he admits K' was the real clone

--- When a bully picks on you, you scream out a KOF attack

--- You succeed in the one above

--- You swear Athena Asamiya is the Greek Goddess you read about in history

--- You record the oh-so-popular KOF tv series everday, even though there isn't one

--- You spend alot of money to get back-stage passes to a Fuel concert, just because the lead singer looks alot like K'

--- You swear Kyo was mentioned in the Japanese Gundam Wing theme

--- You actually make over 50 character shrines. Each dedicated to a different KOF character.

--- You hold a riot infront of the SNK building for taking Eiji out of the game.

--- Your date to the prom is a card-board cut out of Robert Garcia

--- You hire Joe Higashi to sing at your Birthday party.

--- He actually comes

---You press charges on Yamazaki for using a knife during the fight.

---You forgive Yashiro for killing Chris and Shermie.

--- Your sent to the principals office for using Rising Tackle on Rugal, aka your science teacher.

--- Counciling is everyday 12-2.

--- You cheated on your boyfriend with Jhun

--- The only reason why your dating this one guy is because your waiting for Kyo and Yuki to break up.

--- The hardest question in life to you, "How does Benimaru stick his hair up like that?!"

--- Mailing 20 hate letters a day to Namco is normal to you.

---You make a "You know you like KOF too much when...." section.

Following by: Benilover

---You killed your brother cause you're a Iori fan & he's a Kyo fan

---You try to stuff at least one fan down your breasts

---you did a power dunk during basketball

---you fight with street fighter fans & beat em to a pulp

---Your favourite band is the Nanakase band.

---You either have a bird named Chi-chan or a dog named Anton.

You throw earrings at your enemy,hoping it will explode.

Following by:Silverquickstar

---When you name your babies one of the guys from SNK

---You go and change your name permanently to Terry Bogard.

Following by: CaT

---you start loving red though it used to be your most hated color and even dyed your hair red and bought red pants all for the sake of being like iori

---you cry and scream and shout and yell and wail and be crazy when you see your favorite loses in a battle

Following by: Master Kap Hwan

---You beat up anyone who has any kind of cresent moon sign on them.

---You light your index finger on fire and say "Moetarou"

---You carry around a big stick and say, "Hey hey hey!" alot.

---You call your dad Saisyu

---You go outside during a lighting storm and act like Benimaru

---You have a 1000 year old princess as a girlfriend

---The reason SNK pulled American market is because you mailed them everyday

---You beat up someone because they look like Iori

---You find several sun or moon patches and sew them on your jacket

---You make your girlfriend dress like Mai

---You call your Tae Kwan Do teacher "Master Kap Hwan"

---If you ask someone if the olympics hosts King of Fighters

---If you ask SNK to make an Art Of Fighting vs. Fatal Fury

---They actually make one

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