The KoF Personality Quiz!

Ever wonder what KoF character your mostly like? Well take this quiz and find out! When your done, see which letter you got the most and claim your banner!

1. How do you usually travel?
A. I walk. Everyone needs exercise
B. Any damn way I want
C. By plane
D. By cruise
E. By jet

2. You have a blind date tonight. How do you dress?
A. Anything thats comfortable. I'm not that into impressing people.
B. Any damn way I want
C. Casual probably. Don't want people to think I'm grungy.
D. The nicest thing I have! I have to look fabulous.
E. Something uniform. Show him/her who I am.

3. Whats your favorite animal?
A. Wolf
B. Cat
C. Dragon
D. Rabbit
E. Snake

4. What job would you prefer?
A. construction work
B. band
C. fighting at tournaments
D. acting
E. military

5. What would happen if you screamed right now?
A. Howard would laugh at me
B. a crazy transformation
C. I'd get weird looks
D. Everyone would be so worried for me! It'd probably make headlines
E. You don't wanna know...

6. Why were you screaming?
A. I lost my hat
B. Someone pissed me off
C. I burned myself...
D. I saw a mouse..
E. You don't wanna know..

7. What do you hate the most?
A. Villains. Gotta protect the town!
B. Cute... pink stuff
C. People who try to mock me
D. People who do nothing but kill
E. People who don't follow orders

8. What do you love the most?
A. Kids, they're so cute.
B. People who do nothing but kill
C. Hanging out with friends
D. Cute, pink stuff!
E. Defending my country

9. Your offered some drugs. Your reply is....
A. "No thanks. You shouldn't smoke either, you know?"
B. "Eh, why not?"
C. "I better not. I care about my health."
D. "Ewww! No! Yucky! Go away! Go away! RAPE!!!!!"
E. "......" *walk away*

10. An old lady carrying alot of groceries needs help across the street. What do you do?
A. Offer to carry some of the grocery bags and lend her a hand across the street.
B. Yell "Get outta my way!" and push her down
C. Offer her a ride in your car
D. Tell the old lady you'll help her, then run infront of traffic yelling at all the cars to stop
E. Shrug and walk past her without a word

11. Your favorite Street Fighter is...
A. Ken
B. Kyosuke
C. Ryu
D. Rose
E. Cammy

12. Whats your favorite movie?
A. Dunston Checks In
B. Blade
C. Kiss of the Dragon
D. Charlie's Angels
E. Behind Enemy Lines

13. A store is being robbed. You...
A. Jump into action. Gotta save those innocent kids!
B. Laugh and walk on
C. See what exactly is going on and "discuss" things with the burglar.
D. Call the cops then go into action
E. Put a gun to the burglar's head and demand him to stop

14. You fight with...
A. Respect
B. Revenge
C. Honor
D. Money
E. Pride

15. Your favorite King of Fighter is...
A. Terry
B. Iori
C. Kyo
D. Athena
E. Leona

Now add up all your letters and see who your most likely to be! Don't cheat! Ok?.... Okay! ^_^ And don't forget to save the banner of the person you got and if you have a website please post the banner on there. Thanks!

I'll give you time to add 'em up...

Hehe, bet that was annoying. Anywho! The moment you been waiting for!

If you got Mostly A's, your KoF character is...
Your a fun-loving, friendly kind of guy/girl. You would do anything for your friends and they would do the same for you. Your always there if someone is in trouble and your very dependent. You hate bullies and your the one who always takes them down. Your only downfall is you can be too friendly and some people might take that for granted. Remember, trusting is a good thing but you can't trust everybody!

If you got mostly B's, your KoF character is...
Your one of those loner types, eh? Your the one kid in school who walks around dressed however the hell you want and could give a damn about anyone else. Dang, how do you get a date?! Okay, so its cool that you don't let people get to you. But do you ever wonder why they do it? Maybe because your pushy and anti-social. Now I know some people will hate you if your not busty, blonde and popular. But those others just wanna know what the hell your problem is. So for once just lift your head up and look around. Theres more to the world.

If you got mostly C's, your KoF character is...
Your the smart one who always knows what to do and whats right. Your the one whose always the lookout of your friends and making sure nothing bad happens. You love to be the lead and your friends dont mind, they think your a great leader. But being the popular one can have its disadvantages. Theres always competition and rivalry. Be aware of whats going on in your atmosphere and things should go smoothly.

If you got mostly D's, your KoF character is....
Here comes the hyper, energetic one of the group! You love to make your friends laugh, even in the saddest of times. You always wake up in the morning groggy and grumpy, but once you hit the shower your more than hyper. Your the cure for any friend's sad times. Your only downfall is, you tend to be too ditzy and that seems to get you into alot of trouble. Start taking life atleast a little more seriously and see what others think.

If you got mostly E's, your KoF character is....
Your the calm, silent one of the group. You know exactly how to handle emergency situations and how to keep everyone calm. Though you may not participate in everything your friends do, you do make sure they are having fun and staying safe. Your the one who always breaks up the fights or defends your best friend in one, not afraid to hit whoever is pissing them off. At times you tend to feel lonely. Just make sure you know that your friends are there for you.