Beni Shampoo!- Hey Beni fans! If you want to be cool, like him, then you need Beni Shampoo! Click here to find out more!

King of Fighters Goes on Maury- Uh oh! Whip has been a little ho! Now she wants a paternity test to see who is the father of her baby! Is it Kyo, Iori or Benimaru? Get your free tickets to the Maury show to see what the outcome is. Who will be coming home crying?

Dress Like Iori!- You heard it right! Click here to read step-by-step instructions on dressing just like Iori Yagami!

You know you like KOF too much when...- This is the ultimate test that proves if your obsessive or just plain crazy!

KOF Marriage Prospects- Planning on marrying the cuties of KOF? Well, you need to know about them! This is your stop to find out!

The Case of Detective Yamazaki- This is set up in comic format(I dubbed meself! :p) just like Beni Shampoo! Yamazaki has accepted a case to find Eiji, whose been missing since KOF '95. Think he can do it?! o.O

Beni's Basic Butt Buster Bash!- Also set up in comic format, dubbed by ME! ^_^ Would you like to lose that ghetto booty of yours?! Then you need Beni's awsome new video! But theres some competition where that came from...

KOF Song Parodies- Hate some particular pop, country, rap or any other song? Well then, make fun of it with KOF Parodies! You can even like the song!!! ^_^ Just contribute. :p

The KoF News Broadcast- What would happen if you woke up one morning and flipped to the news channel but you didn't see your usual news crew? But you saw the KoF people doing it instead? Well find out here!

KoF Personality Quiz- Ever wonder what KoF character your most like? Well now you can find out here! With the KoF Personality Quiz!!