KOF Fanfiction!!!
Hey peoples, this is my wonderful KOF fanfic section where people are free to send me their thoughts and imagination, except typed out. I only have a few fanfics so far. So please, send me your fic if you have one. I enjoy reading fanfiction.

A few rules:
(they arent strict ones so shaddap! :p)

1. KOF related
2. Yes, I will accept Yaoi/Yuri or Hentai/Lemon fics but they will be rated.
3. There isnt a third rule!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *slaps self* ouch...

Beautiful Stranger
By: Daria
Beni's POV. Being at an upperclass bar can be a drag...unless you meet the woman of your dreams!

Trespasser's in Southtown
Chapter 2: Encounters
Chapter 3: The Streets of Southtown
Chapter 4: Quarter Quarrels
By: Mysty
A result of playing too much C vs SNK! KOF is ready for another tournament but a big interruptance takes action! O.O (Note: If you can't read the font then highlight it! :p)

More than just a KOF Story
By: Benilover
A madman is planning to steal a rare treasure of the Kusanagi family. Its up to Kyo, and his buds to stop this man.(Contains Chapters 1 and 2)

KOF in Kindergarten
By: Rena-Myyu
Just as the title says. The KOF fighters... as kids! O.O *dramatic music*

King of Fighters Story
By: Beni-san
Iori's been beaten, but Beni is still paranoid about something. (Contains chapters 1 and 2)