The King of Fighters Fathers Day Tribute
Well since Fathers Day is coming up I thought making a tribute to all the wonderful dads of KOF would be a sweet idea. I've had this idea since February so I'm relieved that June has finally arrived. I would have made a Mother's day tribute but the only mother I knew of was Myun. So that wouldn't work. ^_^

The fathers I have listed below are: Takuma, Heidern, Saisyu, Kim and Terry. (Terry?! Read and find out!:p) If I've missed a dad then I'm terribly sorry. I will tell you right now I will not add any contributions or fix any mistakes pointed out in this page if you decide to send one. I'm sorry if this in-conviences you or just makes you pout but this tribute is just a one time holiday deal.

But onto happier things! I hope you enjoy my Father's Day tribute! ^_^ And I do hope you e-mail me and tell me what you think about this! (check for my e-mail at the bottom of the page) And please let me warn you. If you do (which isn't my business) haven't got a father, or just flat out hate him then I suggest not looking at this page. It gets kinda mushy and explains the love between father and child. I don't want to offend anybody. Thank you. ^_^

Please remember that this is just a for fun deal and I want everyone to enjoy it. I wouldn't have made a site in this first place if I didn't. But I guess I better stop telling you about these dumb rules!

Orochi: *glares at Mysty* You forgot me!

Mysty: *gulps and back away* Orochi!...umm.. Your a father?...

Orochi: Yes!!! Iori, Leona, Yamazaki, Yashiro, Chris, Shermie, Mature and Vice are my lil' Orochi children!!

Mysty: err... You don't count my evil friend.


Mysty: Eep!!*runs from Orochi* Enjoy the Fathers Day Tribute! And if your a dad, Happy Father's Day!

I think I'll start off with the Daddy Team. Takuma, Heidern and Saisyu! ^_^ Yes, I know the top says "Master Team" but I call them the Daddy team cuz they're all daddies! *hears "awes" going on in the background* Hehehehehe!

Aww, those crazy dads!

Takuma Sakazaki

Okay, let us start off with the craziest dad of them all. Takuma Sakazaki! You know he's crazy because he's always chasing his son and daughter around wearing that silly mask. Heck, he probably even takes Robert as his son since he's around them so much. Takuma is just your average, goofy dad and probably the closest to an everyday dad. His kids are even crazy! O.O

Heh, Ryo and Yuri are lucky to have such a loving dad. Happy Father's day Takuma! ^_~


Even though Heidern may seem annoying and very pushy, you know deep down he is a loving father to his daughter, Leona. Why else would he have adopted her after even knowing the Orochi blood that flows within her? Yeah, I can see Heidern as the daddy type. Mainly probably because he's so protective of Leona. ^_~

See? Here he is training his young daughter, Leona. What a great dad! ^_^ Take a break Heidern and have a Happy Fathers Day!

Saisyu Kusanagi

Ah, Saisyu, the man who always seems to get into deep crap. This man has been through everything! How would you like it if you were hypnotized by Rugal?! (lol) But alas, Saisyu pulled through with the love of his son, Kyo. You can tell Kyo really cares for his father from the picture above and the pic below.

Heh, now if anyone deserves a break from that crazy fighting and evil sponsers, its Saisyu! Happy Fathers Day Saisyu! ^_~

Kim Kap Hwan
This handsome, caring, Tae Kwan Do master has to be my favorite of all fathers. Thats why he got this special lil' box! ^_^ Everywhere Kim is his wife and kids are behind him all the way. And thats what familys should be like. Not like todays where the kids leave at age 15 and go out drink and have and sex and... urgh. >.< Anyways! Got off subject... In almost every Fatal Fury game you see Kim's family in background cheering him on. Kim is a great father to his children and a true role model to justice! ^_~ The guy deserves more credit than he gets. So I say, Happy Father's Day Kim! You deserve the break!

Terry Bogard

Okay, I bet your wondering. "This chick knows nothing. Geese is Rock's father, not Terry." But, I got an explanation! ^^; Yes, Geese was Rock's father but did you ever see Geese taking care of his son? No!! Thats cuz Geese was too busy making evil plans, killing other people's daddies, fighting Bogard's and sponsering tournaments. So it was Terry that kindly enough brought up Rock and kind of adopted him. I think Rock looks up to Terry more as a father than Geese. Understand now? ^_^

Isn't it all just so cuuuuuuute?! Happy Father's Day, Terry! You did what Andy couldn't!... kinda...

So this concludes our tribute to all the great dads in King of Fighters. Through thick and through thin, dads will always be there for their children. If its for training or just helping with a school project. We can always count on our dads!

So stand tall dads! You should be very proud of all the things you accomplished! Now take the day off! Cause we all know, its your day! ^_~

Sites that I borrowed pics from without asking. ^^; Please give them credit. Because I should punish myself! >.<
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BakaOrochi's KOF Toilet Bowl(aka Ha's KOF Toilet Bowl-they're back! yay!)
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Any questions, comments or you just wanna say hey! Feel free to e-mail me!
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