Why are these boys so excited?! Because they're about to try Benimaru's amazing new exercise video!

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*hears ringing* Wow! Our very first call!

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Now now, boys! Leona is a bit bitchy, but atleast try it! Anyways, thanks Chizuru for your great advertisement! Hello! This is Benimaru himself, promoting MY new video! With this video.. *ring ring* Huh?! Well, seems we have a new caller! Hello?...

What on Earth could Shingo be talking about?! *turns TV on*

Nooooo!!!! This can't be!!! That slutty movie star can't try and take over my business!! I'll show her! *hears giggling in the background* Huh?! CHIZURU!!! What are you doing with Athena's exercise tape?!

Grr... You doublecrosser!

Oh! Quit your complaing Beni! I got just as much customers as you did but... We both could not get Leona and Iori to try it!

What do you mean, Athena?...

Just see for yourself!

Well... I guess you can expect that from Leona! But Iori, he's such a showoff!!!

See what I mean?! *sigh* Another plan.... failed..