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Kawaii Kitty's questions:

Benimaru- Would you ever be interested in dating a guy?

Benimaru: I'm not gay! *sobs on Kyo's shoulder*

Kyo- Why are you so bishounen?

Kyo: Beni has someone to cry to? ^^;;

K'- Do you have any idea that you look like the J-Rock star Gackt?

K': Boku wa kimi no King of the fighters! ;)

Choi- What do you use to jump so high? also, were you in Dance Class at some point in your life?

Choi: Yes I took ballet for six years but the constant ridicule from the girls in the glass drove me to a life of crime.

King-Why are you so bishoujo? and what's your favorite wine glass?

King:Awww....*blush* I'm not sure what my favorite wine glass is though.

Iori- Are you a bondage freak?

Iori: Hmph...ARE YOU?!?!? *glares*

Athena- What is your relationship with Kensou?

Athena: ^^;; He's just another obsessed fan *looks at Jhun*

Jhun: I'm not obsessed!

Kim: Sure you arent

Jhun: *glares*

Bao- Can I adopt you?

Bao: Eep! *hides*

Kensou- Are those meat buns or sweet buns?!

Kensou: They are...*throws one into the air...and chokes on it*

Athena: -_-;; Not again...

Yagami's question:

Beni, can you teach me how to do your special move, Shinku Katategoma?

Benimaru: Only if you can be as sexy as me...heheheh

Original Jigen's question:

Hey this is Original Jigen, My question is for Ryo, when are you going to show some damn backbone and ask King out. 'Cause if you don't man I sure as hell will give it a shot.

Ryo: *clutches fists* Oh yeah?!!! Well maybe I am dating her secretly!!

Robert: Yeah right!

Ryo: Leave me alone...

Death Mistress's Questions

K'......I think you would know my question ^_^

K': And you thought I had a bad memory... *sigh* Where is that ice chick anyway?

Kim, do your sons live with you, or is Dong Hwan the only one thats left?

Kim: I actually can't get rid of Dong Hwan. That boy is always hungry.

Joe, my friend still is obsessed with you, would you go to Arizona to meet her? Cause that's where she lives ^_^'

Joe: Hehe, you going to pay the ticket? ^_^

Maxima, why are you taking crap from people? I LIKE YOUR SIDE BURNS!

Maxima: THANK YOU!!!! *bows* I knew you weren't all against me!

K': Shut up, no one likes you remember?

Maxima: *sniff*

Benimaru, were you the one who was running in my neighborhood screaming "I WANT TOP RAMEN" in your boxers?

Benimaru:.... all I have to say is... stalker! :p

Iori, did you know that I have Orochi Blood?

Iori: What do you want? A cookie?

Angela Avila's question


Iori: What the...?!

Kyo: Umm... sorry, I have my own princess to take care of..

Vice: Well this is interesting.

Iori: *huffs* It's not true!

Mature: *rolls eyes* Sure...

Rena-Myuu's questions

Shingo can I be your girlfriend and make lunch for you everyday? I know how to cook quite well! ^^

Shingo: Hmm... I do love good cooking... But you have to join my Kyo fan club! And...and.. You can't be jealous of Kyo! Okay?

Orochi by any chance do you have a sister? Everyone tells me that I look like a female version of you. . .

Orochi: Impossible! I am one of a kind!

Shingo what's your best swim time for the 500? Mine is 6 minutes.

Shingo: 6 minutes? Wow, that's pretty good. Mine is about the same... I suppose...

Yashiro same question as Shingo.

Yashiro: 5 minutes?! Hah! I can do that in 2 minutes!

Chris: No you can't.

Yashiro: Shut up, Chris!

Leona you are awsome! I hope you kill Goenitz. . .

Leona: Would be nice to see him destroyed....

Shermie, you're french, right? Ca va? Tu chantes, n'est pas?

Shermie: Oui, je chante comme un ange.

Shingo, what's your favorite kind of desert? I'll make it for you! ^^

Shingo: Hmm... thats a tough one... I really like chocolate.. but ice cream sounds good... Ohhh and cheesecake!

Greatone's questions

Hey Ralf & Clark, are you two brothers? Or are you just friends?

Clark: Hey come on! Ralf and me are only partners for the Ikari team!

Ralf:...we're not pals?...

Clark: Well I guess so...

Leona, How come you have the Orochi Blood inside you? Are you from the Yagami family?

Leona: When you can find an answer to that, please feel free to tell me.

Jhun, How come you only use your legs to fight? Why don't you ever use your hands?

Jhun: I find my hands to be used for greater things. Like touching the skin of a beautiful woman...

Kim: You are a sorry little man...

Kim, What is the name of your wife and your kids?

Kim: Myun is my beautiful wife. Dong-Hwan and Jae-Hoon are my boys.

Ryo, Who is the final villain in Art of Fighting1?

Ryo: That damn Mr. Big.

Vice and Mature, What is the secret of Rugal everytime surviving after he gets defeated and self destructing?

Vice: Nuh uh uh

Mature: That is our little secret... *wink*

King, Haven't you told Ryo about his kid you are going to deliver?

King: *blush* What on Earth are you talking about?!

Bao, Are you Kensou's brother or are you Athena's brother?

Bao: Umm.... I'm not supposed to talk to strangers....

Shingo, Is something going on between you and Kasumi Todo?

Shingo: Why do you ask?..

K', Are you really Kyo's clone? And is Whip your sister? And if both are true then is Whip Kyo's sister?

K': Whoa.. talk about brain-fry...

Yashiro,Shermie and other Orochi members exept Iori and Leona, Do you have the Yagami blood inside you? How is it possible?

Yashiro: Maaaaaaaaagic.

Shermie: *sings* Do you believe in magic? In a young girl's heart...

Chris: Here we go...

K9999, Are you K's clone?

K9999: I am nobody's clone!!! Why don't you believe me?!!!

Angel, Don't you think Kyo is the cutest and most handsomest boy in KOF ever?

Angel: *giggles* I don't know.. There are many cute boys in KoF..

Andy, My friend told me that in the Fatal Fury movie your hair was blue.Then how can you have yellow hair?

Andy:... Well, you see, one year Mai decided to try out Beauty School and I was her guinea pig... I think you can figure out the rest.

Iori, I noticed that you have a gold ring in your left hand? Who is it from?

Iori: Hmph! Like I would tell you!

Kula, What is the flavour of your lollipop?

Kula: Blueberry! ^_^

Whip, Who is your favourite boy fighter in KOF except ofcourse K'?

Whip: Hmph.. I don't choose favorites.

Saisyu, Is it true that you and Eiji are somewhat friends? Then why don't you help Yamazaki find him?

Saisyu: Because Yamazaki believes in knife violence.. and I am against that. Hmph.

Clark, Is it true that you love Mai? It was said to me by my friend?

Clark: No!! I love... well, I can't tell you. Ralf will kill me.

Joan's questions

Hey, Rock. I just wanted to know; are you sure you want to meet your father? I mean, after all of the neglect and such, he's kind of a mean dude. Even though, he is kinda cute. That's probably where you get your good looks from.

Rock: Well... someone can't help but feel a bit curious about his father. Right?

My second question is: How old are you Rock? You look like you're 18 or 19 to me. .

Rock: Wow, you're close. *grins*

Kyoko's questions

Iori, isn't it kinda hard to fight to have one of your eyes covered with your hair over it?

Iori: Not that it's any of your business... I'm used to it.

Iori, sorry if I'm asking too many questions on you but, who do you hate more?! Kyo or Beni?

Iori: Kusanagi of course. Although I really hate Benimaru...

Hey Beni! I wanna know, why do you stick up your hair like that?

Benimaru: Because I am unique.

Kyo: That's what they call it these days?

Benimaru: Hey! What is that supposed to mean?!

Kyo, did you know that Iori actually has a girlfriend named Alaina?

Kyo: I'll pray for her.

Mai! Where do you get those fans?

Mai: Now if I told you that then everyone would be going around throwing fans at people.

Yashiro, how come you want revenge on Iori even though he didn't do anything to you?

Yashiro: Oh yes he did... He did do something to me! It was horrible!

Chris: He stepped on his Backstreet Boys CD.

Yashiro: Shut up Chris!!!

For Orochi, do you have psychic powers or something to make you float?

Orochi: You dare question my powers!!

For Kyo and Iori, why don't you guys quit the stupid war between you guys, join forces, and kick all the other fighters butts and be no.1?

Kyo: If we kicked everyone's butts then there would be no more KoF tournaments.

Iori: And besides, Kyo smells weird.

Kyo: I do not!!

Hoi! Kyo! Is Yuki really a princess that is in trouble because of the Orochi people? Also, what was your first reaction when Iori kidnapped Yuki?

Kyo: Of course Yuki is a princess. I was extremely angry when I heard about Iori kidnapping her. So many things were going through my mind.

Swanton's Questions:

Hey Maxima, have you ever done anything to annoy your good ol' pal K'? Teased him? Bearhugged him? Pushed him around? Better yet, sat on him? What?

Maxima: Heh, of course. I give him noogies all the time. Right before a match I always do that, thats why his hair is always messy.

Hey Iori, I'm going to the barber shop today, want a ride?

Iori: What was that?!! Why don't you ask me that when I'm in orochi mode?!!

Hey Rock, is your real name Dwyane Johnson?

Rock: Huh?...

Hey Bao, if someone gave you five bucks just to challenge Maxima to a submission-only wrestling match, win or lose, would you do it? Even if it was ok to do a 'Low Blow?'

Bao: No way!!!

Hey Ralf, your shoe's untied.

Ralf: Haha, I'm not falling for that one! *walks off.... falls over* Ahhh!

Hey Maxima, I'm not against you.

Maxima: sniff... thank you.. They love me... They really love me!!!

K': No they don't.

Maxima: *bursts into tears*

Luca's questions

Alright K', someone's gotta say it to you... your sunglasses are dated. That and how come whenever you do your DM you throw them and then, if done again you throw them without having picked them up previously?

K': That is my secret.

Oh, Shingo... why did you have to dream such a tough Rugal for KOF 98 (real pain in the butt)? I suggest dream therapy.

Shingo: He was tough.... I hated that one move where he threw that big ball of electricity... Whew! Maybe dream therapy is a good idea.

Iori, why don't you consider wearing a trench coat like the one you used as a striker in KOF 2000? Seeing you fight in one of those would be real eye candy.

Iori: I'm not at the tournaments to look good.

Last but not least. Kyo: who's your dream match? A: Shingo, B: Iori (duh!), C: K' or D: Kyo-1 and Kyo-2?

Kyo: You're right, I choose B.

Antoine's questions

Pretty Pretty Angel ^_^, what type of relationship have you got with K9999 ? Is it love ?

Angel: *blushes* Love?! Of course not! He's just my teammate.

Shingo, Now you've got flames in 2003, how do you feel ?

Shingo: Great!!!

Dong Hwan, how many girlfriends have you got ?

Dong Hwan: Lets see... theres Shelia, Maria, Amber, Tiffany, Sakura.... hmm... Lost count.

Mr. Kaphwan, That dude named Sue-Il/Young-Mok is from your family, or it's secretly you ?

Kim: He's my family. Brother to be exact.

Joan Gomez's questions

K'9999: Why do you hate K' so much? You're both extremely cute and you two would make a great team if you paired up.

K'9999: Hmph, say's who?

Rock Howard: How come you don't have a girlfriend? You're so adorable and kind. And you have the prettiest red eyes I've ever seen on a guy. I'd go out with you in a second. ^_^

Rock: *blushes* Th-thank you... I don't think I am all that good looking.

Iori: Why do you act so mean all the time? I know you have a soft spot. I remember seeing a picture of you feeding a little kitten milk. You know what picture I'm talking about, right Mysty? That was so sweet of you Iori.

Iori: What picture?! I don't know what you're talking about. Stop speaking such rubbish!

Mature: She means this picture...*holds out picture*

Iori:...that never happened.

DeVonya's questions

Iori-Have u ever had a girlfriend, cuz ur a really cute guy but u've never mentioned ever having one.

Iori: Don't need one.

Iori-What do u like 2 do in your past time?

Iori: Whatever I feel like doing.

Iori-Have u ever luved anything or anybody very much? And if so, what or who was it?

Iori: If I did, why would I tell you?

Kyo-Are u STILL going out with Yuki?

Kyo: *smiles* Yep!

Leona-Do you think Iori cute, even just a little bit? Yall would make such a cute couple!


Kim-I do Tae Kwon Do too. How long did it take u to get THAT good?

Kim: *flashes a pearly smile* I was just born with the talent, but that doesn't mean I don't train to become better everyday!

Kyoko's Questions:

Heya Iori.......I wanna see something, when I say/type the word, you respond by your first thought. Death, Kyo, Girlfriend, Battle, Ally, Orochi.

Iori: What are you, a shrink? I'm not your patient. -_-

Kyo, same as the above except with these words, Fate, Iori, Clones, Strength, Honor, Hate. ^_^

Kyo: Fate - Yuko, Iori - argh, Clones - damnit -.-, Strength - training, Honor - My team, Hate - Why?


Oh, and uh....hmm....Orochi....You're using gravitational jetpacks on your shoes to make you float right? ^_^

Orochi: Grrr.... NO! Hmph *pouts*

Charles Lazaroo's Questions:

To K9999 - Do you think the guys at NESTS watch too much Akira ? 'Cos everyone thinks you look exactly like Tetsuo...?

K9999: They do have too much time on their hands! But I am unique...I think... *sniffles*

To Iori - I know who your secret girlfriend is. It's Kula.

Iori: Shows what you know.

To Kula- I know. You can't go out with K' because he's your exact opposite just as Kyo's rival is Iori... but hey ! Have you tried going out with Iori ? (I think he's more suitable then K' ;)

Kula: Iori scares me...o_o He threw my lollipop in the dirt once... =(

To Orochi - Are you going to come back ? I mean, if '98 was Shingo's dream, then what the HECK was 2002 ? And, with 2003 showing your seal... I know you want to come back.

Orochi: I joined Eiji's missing people club. ^.^

to Iori - Hey man.... if Kyo can get some fan who can imitate his moves withou the fire (until 2003), and can still kick butt with his brute strength... then what about you ? Why don't you get your own Shingo-like fan ?

Iori: Fans? What would I do with them?

to Ryo & Kim - Why don't you combine your techniques to make Kyoguken taekwando ? Imagine the possibilities ! Even if they're two entirely different martial arts !

Ryo: Thats too technical for me... *blinks*

Kim: Tae Kwan Do is an art on it's own! Mixing it with another martial arts would seem disrespectful.

segagirl91's questions:

K' How old are you? I read somewhere that your age is between 16 and 18? But you look about 17 to me....But i want to know!!

K': err...what does it matter? *blinks*

Iori are you goth? O.o;;;;;

Iori: Hmph! Why? Have something against goths?

kim do you ever fight with Yuri's and Ryo's father about which family fighting style is better? If so which is better your's or his?

Kim: There is no point in argueing. When it comes to Tae Kwan Do, there is no better fighting style. *flashes a pearly smile*

Whip i read that your a clone of K's dead sister who was older than him.......Anyway i read in your profile your about 16 are you older then K' or are you youger cause i think you were made...after him? -.-;;

Whip: *filing her nails* Huh?

K' just like the other's person's question's...........Will you ever go out with Kula!!?? I must know!! I swear i read somewhere that you 2 have one of the most developed relationship's in Kof. And i think there right cause you make the KOF couple ever! X3 Well that's just me.....and other people...So Answer my question!!!!!!!

K': I have one thing to say to you: stick to your fanfiction. -.-

Maxima I' am not against you I knuda like your sideburns! Anyway my question is are you like Diana? you know how she act's like she Kula's mom so are you like a father figure to K'? O.o;

Maxima: *blushes* teehee, thank you ^.^ *pets his sideburns, forgetting the next question*