Yes its true! You can now ask the KoF people the questions you've always wanted answered! Well... not EVERYTHING! All you perverts out there are just going to have to keep wondering why Mai's boobs are so big. So lets keep the questions at PG-13, k? If you don't, I'll get my new pet...erhm! Friend! hehe.. My new FRIEND Prof. Serverus Snape after you! :p So you better watch it. ^_^
But if you really wanna know something about Terry's "lone wolf" I don't mind. *nervous laugh*

Wanna ask them something? Ask here!

Your questions will be in purple.
The answers will be in green.
And I will talk in white! ^_^

Page 2!

Kusanagisan's questions:

Hey Kim how does your teeth stay white all the time?

Kim: Why do my teeth always stay white? Haha, thats an easy one! My parents raised me well and I always brushed my teeth atleast 5 times a day! When I wake up, after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, and before I go to bed! No, Master Kaphwan doesn't need whiteners! He takes care of his teeth! *winks and flashes a pearly smile*

Hey Yashiro! I heard that dog collar you wear around your neck use to belong to your dog?

Yashiro: That really wasn't a question... Do I have to answer that?

*Yashiro gets bonked on the head*

Yashiro: Oww! Okay okay! That dog collar?! This ain't no dog collar! Its a choker! :p *sniff* Did you have to mention Skipper?..*gets all sentimental* Poor Skipper... Damn that truck Yagami was driving!

Chris: *snickers* Hehe, Skipper. Isn't that a dolphin name?

Yashiro: Shut up Chris!

Hey Maxima! Shave those side burns.

Maxima: *cries* YOUR ALL AGAINST ME!!!!!!!

Hey Iori! What hair spay you use to keep your hair straight?

Iori: Hmph, thats easy. But I'm not telling you! The last thing I need is someone copying my hair style. *growls at Trowa Barton, Aya, and any other anime wannabe*

Hey Orochi! Is that tattoo on your chest real or fake?

Orochi: Tattoo?! This isn't a tattoo! This is a...erhm... birthmark!

Shingo: *sprays a water hose on Orochi, seeing all the ink wash off* Hehehe

Orochi: *blush*..

Hey K'. Has anyone mistaken you for Orochi?

K': Only a few times.. When I first appeared I was walking down the street and some kid screamed and ran off... he was screaming something about the world ending.

Hey K' why do you wear those very tight biker clothes?

K': They make me look sexy. Even though I'm already sexy. Heh, the chicks love 'em.

Xenocyde's question:

Are there any real b/f g/f things going on here?

Kyo: Oh of course! Me and Yuki have been going steady since 1994!

Mai: Me and Andy!!!! ^_^ Of course... He always seems so quiet about it. But when I'm in trouble he's always there to rescue me!

Kim: I'm married.

Joe: *sings* Lonely... so lonely... I need someone to hold!!!

Utena Tenjou's question:

Kyo, where did you get those cool clothes?

Kyo: Aww, you really think they're cool? Why thank you! You know, I shop here and there. Yuki made me the sun jacket. The rest I pretty much got wherever.

ChairNoMe's question:

Benimaru, how do you maintain that that slim, yet muscular build?

Benimaru: *smirks* Wouldn't you like to know? Sure, I go to the gym daily and work out but you don't see me pushing myself like everyone else. I eat healthy foods and only eat junk food and such on special occassions. And running is a good thing too. I run around the track field early every other morning. Thats why I am so fast. ^_~

*rolls eyes* Yeah sure, whatever Beni! I've heard about your little "midnight snack" ordeal!

Benimaru: Who told you that?!!!

Sorry, but only the fans can ask questions. *winks*

The Missionary of Love's questions:

Why is Mysty the most attractive web designer ever? ;)


Benimaru: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, whatever kid.

Jhun: *whacks Beni over the head* Be nice! I think Mysty is actually quite pretty. Besides, she made this site for you!

Terry: Yeah! So be thankful!

Benimaru: *grumbles*

Why does Benimaru fear my superior sexyness?

Benimaru: Your pushing it kid...

Jhun: *falls over laughing* Thats what you get, Beni!

Benimaru: *electricutes Jhun with a raikou ken*

For Jhun...Is it true you got hit by a truck while chasing after Athena for an autograph which prevented you from entering the Kof 01 tournament?

Jhun: *mutters* That never happened...

Athena: Yes it did.

Jhun: *lowers head* Your all against me!

Maxima: I know how you feel, buddy!

Hey Robert! Can I have a car?..

Robert: Hahahahahaha! No.

Xeros's questions:

Orochi, man, I am on your side. But... are you really Chris? O.O

Orochi: The world may never know... *creepy Sci Fi music..*

Mary, doesn't it scare you that all of Terry's past girlfriends have died?

Mary: Not really. All his past g/f's were weaklings. I'm pretty tough. And if anything happens to me, Billy will protect me! ^_^

Hey Robert... can I have $10?..

Robert: $10?! Just $10?! Hah! I give that money to trick or treaters! Here ya go! *hands Xeros $10*

Penny's questions:

Beni, How do you get your hair to defy gravity? o.o Mine always flops down....

Benimaru: The trick to that is buying the right shampoo and hair gel. Which happens to be Beni Shampoo! And Beni gel! (in stores now!) Now, if you don't put enough gel in your hair then it will flop down. If you put too much then it will look like a nasty broom stick. If you don't put enough shampoo in your hair, then it won't be perfectly clean and that causes a problem as well. Of course, I have fine beautiful hair. Theres no telling what kind of you have. :p

Iori, If a beautiful girl, such as myself, asked to marry you, what would you say? ^^

Iori: *growls* I have no time to get hitched, woman! Why don't you try Kusanagi, or Bogard? I have more important things to do... But if you were attractive..*shakes head* I mean! No! N-O!!!

K', Can I have your red glove? Please!!

K': *looks at red glove* Why do you want my glove?...*hugs it as if it is dear to him.*

Death Mistress's questions:

Yo Kim, is it true that your first son, Kim Dong Hwan, is a slacker?

Kim: *sighs* I must admit... The boy does love to sit around and read those comic books. But I'm sure one day he'll grow out of it! *ignores Fatal Fury: MOW*...

K', is Kula your girlfriend?

K': Ewww! No! She's too young and she's weird..

Maxima: Aww! K' is blushing!

K': Shut up Maxima! No one likes you, remember?!

Maxima: *lowers head* ok...

Iori, do you like Leona?

Iori: *looks at Leona and stutters* N-n-n-n-nnnnnno.

Benimaru, when will you get a haircut?

Benimaru: What? You don't like my hair?! I do trim it when it gets too long but other than that! *pets his hair* :p

Yo Kim, has Dong Hwan EVER really got off his butt and trained?

Kim: Of course. There are times when I have to MAKE him train. The boy has talent. He's just not as dedicated to his training as his younger brother is.

Hey Rock, how does it feel to know that you're not raised by your own dad?

Rock: I've heard the stories about my father and I'm kind of happy that Terry raised me. If I had been raised by my real father, I probably would have been worse than him. Don't get me wrong. I want to meet my dad and I want him to know that his son is still alive and still wondering about him. I really can't say how I feel...

K', Is your hair silver, or do you have gray hair from old age?

K': Old age?! How can I be old?! Nah, my hair is like... err... silverish? Yeah! It has a silver tint to it. But no gray! You wanna see gray go look at Krizalid!

And K', WHEN WILL you go out with Kula?

K': *grumbles* I don't like Kula...

Megan's question:

Benimaru,i am a hard core fan of you, but if you're so hot then why don't you have a girlfriend?

Benimaru: Well you see the last girlfriend I had became too obsessed. She started stalking me and stuff! So for now, I'm just gonna be pimpin' it.

Kyo: *tries not to laugh*

Raven's questions:

Shingo, you're so funny and cute but... why be like Kyo? Be original!

Shingo: Well Raven, thank you for the compliments. But you don't understand! When I see Kyo, I'm like a nerdy guy when it comes to Star Wars! Or a little kid collecting Pokemon cards! I HAVE to be like Kyo! He's so awsome! I mean... I am a little original! I don't wear his exact clothes....

Is Mysty's pet really that scary? o.O

FRIEND! He's my friend!

Benimaru: *snickers*

Iori: Take it from me, kid. That Professor Snape is one mean bastard. You know how Mysty said no porno questions? He took it a little too seriously! Jhun wanted to show her some new moves and he got zapped.

More of Penny's questions:

Hey Iori, what's the most common reaction that girls give you when they see your big, bulky muscles in your chest? Lots of girls these days are preferring somewhat buff or almost scrawny guys.

Iori: grrr.... I HATE it when they stare! All you crazy fangirls, STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!! *goes Orochi*

Okay.... next question, Penny.

If a King of Fighters anime does come out, which one of you is gonna be the star and why?

Kyo: Me, of course! I mean come on, I AM the main character!

Iori: ahem!

Kyo: Oh, and around '99 K' is gonna become like close to the main character cuz I disappear.

Iori: grrrr....

Kusanagi's question:

How much does Chang weight?

Kim: hmm... well, last time he was at the prison the scale broke...

Choi: Who cares! He's a fatass anyways!

Kim: CHOI!!!

Choi: *evil snicker*

Greatone's questions:

Kyo,All I wanted to know is what was this whip and deciples team in which you,Iori,Benimaru and whip were there?And is there something going between you and Whip?

Kyo: Well, you see... Just like the Hat's team, Belly button team, and others it was a just-for-fun thing. No, theres nothing going on with me and Whip. She's too.... scary. O.O

Iori,is it true that you have a girlfriend or is it just a rumour?And do you wear anything else than that smelly old dress?

Iori: Don't have a girlfriend, don't need one. And as for a smelly old dress.... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!!! *feels like going Orochi again*

Nooooooooooo Iori! *brings out Snape*

Iori: *calms down* Yes 'mam...

Hey Kim I heard your second son does nothing but fighting.Is it true?

Kim: No, it's not true. Sure my son likes to train but he also spends his time at school and making good grades. Too bad I can't say that about my oldest son....

Leona,whom do you like better Iori or Ralph?

Leona:...No comment.

Clark: C'mon Leona! We wanna know!

Leona:... Negative. I have no personal feelings for Yagami and I am only partners with Ralf.

Shingo,why do you always have to copy Kyo when you can use your own strength to fight.

Shingo: Haven't I already been asked that? Kyo is my idol! And I don't copy him... I'm just inspired by him! :p

More of Death Mistress's questions:

K', will you ever go out with Kula? I know you want to!

K': How do you know?.... O.O Can you read minds?! But... I really don't think I'll ever go out with Kula. She loves her lollipop more than me...

Kula, do you want to go out with K'?

Kula: *licks on lollipop* Whose K'?......... Oh! Him! *shrugs* I dunno.

Kim, has Jae Hoon ever had any girlfriends?

Kim: If he has, then he's never told me about them. He's all too into his studies... which isn't bad!

Rock, is Kain really your uncle?

Rock: *grumbles* Last I checked... How else could he know about my mother? I wonder what my father thinks of him...

Alaina's questions:

Iori,why won't you let me in your team?

Iori: You didn't ask.... did you?

Kyo,is it true you're still in High School?

Kyo: Well you know, these tournaments, fighting Yagami clan, getting cloned, disappearing, it all just takes up my school time. So.... yeah.... I still am in high school...

Chris who you like better Shermie? or Yashiro?

Chris: What kinda like are you talking about? I can't choose between my teammates. Shermie is funny and playful but Yashiro is cool and protective. I like them both! ^_^

K',will you let Kyo be the main character again?

K': No way! He gave up the spotlight so it's mine now!

Even more of Death Mistress's questions:

Joe, I have a very good looking friend who is INCREDIBLY "interested" in you, would you go out with her?

Joe: Someone likes ME?! Woooo! Go Joe!!! Sure I will! Ahahahaha!

K', for...maybe the last time, WHEN WILL you go out with Kula?

K': Damnit! You people won't leave me alone 'till I do ask her, huh?

Kula, stop licking that damn lollypop and go date K'!!!

Kula: *sets lollipop down* Whose K'?....

Kyo, does it not bother you that fan fics out there are writing about you and Iori becoming an "item"? Some even write about you guys married! (God forbid)

Kyo: damn you yaoi fans... You are all sick and twisted! You have PROBLEMS!

Hey Leona, stop feelin' so damn emotionless and go make-out with Iori before the yaoi fans get to him!!!!!

Leona: *shrugs*

Hybrid's question:

This goes to all the evil males. Why do you have to be evil, it's annoying?

Rugal: Pish posh!

Krizalid: Evil is annoying you say?

Orochi: Some taste!

Igniz: Pfffft! *gives everyone a rasberry*

Jhs10465's question:

Andy, how come you look like Legolas of Lord of the rings?

Andy: Nah man, he looks like me! Ha ha ha! Man, that Legolas sho' looks good. Hehehe..

More of Greatone's questions:

Ryo, the thing that I wanted to know is that is it true that King is expecting your baby?

Ryo: *turns white* WHAT?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *runs off*

Hey Robert,who is your real girlfriend Freia from Art of Fighting or Yuri?

Robert: Ssshhhh! I don't want any of them to know!

Hey Eiji,Why don't you come back to KOF?You are a great fighter,aren't you?

Geese: Uhh, sorry kid. We can't find Eiji. He disappeared back in '95.

Yamazaki: But I'm looking for him!

Geese: Uhh.. right.

Kyo,one thing I can't understand is why are you with yuki?Why not someone more beautiful like Mysty or anyone else.

*blush* aww...

Kyo: Whats wrong with Yuki? She's my princess... Besides, I'm afraid Snape will hurt me if I try to touch Mysty. *backs away from scary teacher*

Iori,Kyo,why do you always have to fight?Man,like if you two were on the same team you both would be no.1.

Iori: Hmph! I work alone.

Kyo: Its story... we kinda have to fight. Hehe..

Billy,why do you work under Geese even though he killed your sister Lily?

Billy: He didn't kill MY sister Lily. He killed the Queen of Southtown. The other Lily. Yeah kid I know it's confusing... *growls as he sees Joe walking with Lily outside..*

Kyo,I thought you had given shingo your gloves when you were going to battle Orochi.Then how do you have your gloves with you in KOF 98?

Kyo: *nervous laughter* I bought a new pair?...

Annoying SNK agent: Actuallly there wasn't a KoF '98. That was only Shingo's dream.

*hits agent on the head with a mallet* We know! We know!

ShingoBunny's questions:

Geese, why do you feel like you should throw yourself out of a window after fighting the Bogard brothers?

Geese: Instant relfex I guess. I wanted them to think I was dead. Mwhaha!

Terry: Loser...

Shingo, can I marry you?

Shingo: *blushes* I am already married to my fighting carreer.

Iori, what is your relationship with Miss X?

Iori: Miss who? Sounds like a stripper name....

Rugal, how did you start your hobby of reincarnation?

Rugal: *clears throat* Well you see, its a little thing I like to call "magic."

Mature: Don't make me let out your secret.

Rugal: Eep!

Orochi, are you still wearing the pants that Chris wore? ...I'd imagine they'd be a little tight...

Orochi: *laughs* Nah, I use Slim Fast. The pants used to tear but Chris has grown and I have lost weight.

Beni-san's questions:

Maxima. - Why are you Such a loser?...i mean...C'mon...Sideburns?!


K': Calm down dude...

Benimaru. - BENIMARU! Please teach my your ways of getting so many girls....pleeeaseee

Benimaru: Easy. You have to be me. HAH!

Angel. - Angel dont you Think Benimaru is Cute?

Angel: *looks at Beni* I guess he is.... a little...

Terry- Terry. Whats with the Dirty Red hat? Its cool, but dont you ever wash that damn thing!

Terry: Whoo! Don't be jealous of my hat! *looks at hat* aww! Its getting infested again!

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