Take your KOF kid home with you today! Heres how:

I've noticed that not one KOF site has an adoption center, so I decided, what the heck?! It'd be fun! I'm not too sure where I found these lil' chibi's but I changed em' up to make them look cuter! Theres not much rules so read on!

1. You have to sign the dreambook telling me who you adopted, and you'll become apart of the Proud Parent List!
2. Please don't adopt all of these cuties. If you have to though, thats fine!^_^
3. You must link me back and give me credits for the adoptions. Don't be a meanie head!
4. Take care of your kid!

Thats about it. Also, I won't be like most people and say you have to have a website to adopt one of these. You'll be on the Proud Parent List so people will know who you are.

Hallo! Kim Kaphwan here and I'm asking you, please adopt me! I am not messy, I love to brush my teeth so you don't have to worry about paying denist bills for cavities. Plus I'm so adorable! So, please, take me home!

Ole! Its time for the most irristable of them all! Me! Robert Garcia. But do not worry, I am not the conceded type. I'll always keep you company and my name looks so good on the Proud Parent List! Take me home!

Hiiii!!!!! I am the greatest, the coolest and best looking. Benimaru Nikaido! Finally, my description. (I do have this shrine dedicated to me after all!) I am cute, cuddly and not gay! ^_^ So take ME home!

Hey hey hey! Billy Kane speaking. Don't you think you deserve a loving caring, not spoiled bratty like kid? Then you need to adopt me! Not only am I kawaii, I'm funny too! Old people. . .I mean! New parents, deserve a kid like me. Take me home!

Finally! My turn! Adopt me if you want, just stay out of my way! I'll keep good guard on your site, scare away flamers and if you make Kyo my brother, I'll hate you forever! Take me home. . .

Hey!!!! Joe Higashi speaking! I think you should really adopt me! I maybe a lil' messy, totally not the clean freak type and lil' hyper but. . .I am so freakin' cute!!!! Take me home! (you won't regret it!)

Konnichiwa! Kyo Kusanagi, your future son-in-law here. I can be your most precious child ever. I won't fight with my other siblings, I promise not to catch the house on fire and. . .I love you! ^_^ Oh, if some wierd guy named Saisyu comes to your door. . . he's a kidnapper! Hit him with a newspaper! Take me home!

Wazzap?! Shingo's the name, adoptings your game! I'm a quick learner, I'll try my best to obey and. . .if you adopt Kyo, adopt me too! Please, take me home!

Hey, c'mon, c'mon! Forget those other guys! Adopt me, Terry Bogard! I'll keep bad people away and the chicks just dig me! I'll always be out so you don't have to worry about me tearing up the house and. . . I am so cool!!! Take me home!

Yo! Yashiro Nanasake here and you know you wanna adopt me! Come on I mean, I'm popular! I'm apart of the Nanasake band and if people ever threaten you, I'll go Orochi on their *bleep!* Oops. . .I didn't say that, okay?! ^_^' Take me home!

Hallo! I am the cute, the famous adorable movie star, Athena Asamiya! If you adopt me, you'll become very rich and don't worry about the fans that surround the house. *nervous laugh* Take me home!

So, your looking for a cute lil' kid? Well, your looking at him! I'll protect you from monsters except the Boogie Man. . . he's scary. . . Cooking won't be a problem. I love fire! Hehehe! So, ready to take me home?

What?! Your adopting the beautiful Athena?! Please take me too! I promise not to cause any trouble. And I hope you don't mind the Athena posters all over my room. Take me home!

Hi! I'm King, I'm cute but I also kick major booty! If you adopt me, I hope theres not curfew. My bar closes at 2AM! Take me home!

HIIIII!!!! Mai, the bouncy, adorable and kawaii ninja girl speaking! I train at the Shiranui Martial Arts studio so if you have trouble with burglars then you need me! I hope you live close to Andy. . . Take me home!

So your looking for adoptions? You need info? *sigh*. . .I guess I must. I'll try not to cause much trouble. My boss, Rugal, likes making late calls so you better give me my own phone line. Thats about it. Take me home!

Adopt me! Ralf! The coolest Ikari! Hope you have a big yard for practice. What kind of practice? Theres war everywhere! What do you think?! And a good hideout. . . Leona always seems to find me! And my buddy, Clark, spends the night every Friday, Saturday and Wednesday at 1700 hours. Take me home!

Hallo! I am Shermie, the cutie of the Nanasake band! If you adopt me I hope you'll let me go to band practice every weekend. I like my hair so please don't tell me to comb it out of my face. And my buddies, Chris and Yashiro are sweeties. Adopt them too! Now, take me home!

Hey C'mon, forget those other rejects. Adopt Clark Steele! That'd be me! ^_^ Take me home! You won't regret it!

(I got this cute K' pic from that one K' shrine. ^^' The only K shrine! so thats why this one looks different.)

Heh, don't listen to Clark. I'm the perfect child. Anyone who messes with my parents will get burned! Take ME home!

I don't think my father will like the idea of me being adopted but.... he doesn't have to find out! ^_^ I'm the perfect lil' angel when I don't see any Orochi.... oops! Scratch that! Just take me home!

Konnichiwa! Your REAL future son speaking. My name is Ryo Sakazaki and I'm very responsible. Sure I maybe a little messy but still.... take me home!

So your adopting? Hmm... I'm just as enthused as Mature. I'm her partner so as usual, better give me my own phoneline. The Boss, Rugal, and his late calls. I'll be patient and do as I'm told... most of the time. So, take me home!

Hey hey! Oh! Oh! Adopt me!! PLEASE!!!! I am very loving especially to my rich boyfriend Robert! Wha! He's so cute! Like me! ^_^ Take me home!

Those are all of them so far. So please, if you want one of these cuties, just save the pic and add it to your site or computer! Don't forget to sign the Parent Form(Under comments please put who you adopted instead of whatever. . .) so you'll be on the Proud Parent List! Come on, I know you can't resist those adorable faces!

Questions? Comments? E-mail me!