King of Fighters Another Day
Chapter One

This is Chapter One (or 0, can't exactly read the title screen) of KoF Another Day. The episode was only about 10 minutes long and only had a few characters in it. The characters in this episode were: Soiree, Alba, Mai, Athena, and Iori Yagami. The synopsis of the episode can be read at the bottom of the page.

You can view this episode here. Enjoy!

Here are some screencaps of the episode....(in order!)

Synopsis: While in the middle of an arm wrestling match, Soiree is interrupted and told that the town is on fire. Soiree and his friends run into the town to rescue as many people as they can. While heading to a concert, Athena gets stuck in traffic and also decides to save people from the fire. She runs into Mai and both meet up with Soiree who has just rescued a little girl. Soiree asks the two women to watch over the little girl as he goes to rescue more people. The little girl accidently gets in Iori's way and Iori pushes her. Soiree sees the push and challanges Iori to a battle. They fight on the street then take their battle into a church. The church burns to the ground and Iori disappears. Mai and Athena appear again to protect Soiree and the little girl. After the church burns to the ground, Soiree searches through the rubble for Iori. Mai asks Athena why she isn't at her concert, Athena freaks out and runs off. Mai takes off soon after leaving Soiree with the little girl. Alba approaches Soiree to tell him Iori is not in the rubble. Alba had rescued two kitties from the fire. ^_^ Soiree is exhausted and faints.


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