Kim KapHwan
The Tae Kwan Do fighter from Korea and family man of two kids. Kim is known as the hero of justice and role model to many children out there. He first appeared in the Fatal Fury series then in KOF '94 with two convicts who are supervised by him.

MARITAL STATUS: Married. We all know that. Him and Myun... blah. And since Kim is the role model type, we know he won't ever leave her probably. >.<

STYLE: His Tae Kwan Do suit, as you can see is what he wears in battle. But in the 3rd Fatal Fury movie, he was wearing a nice suit for Joe's banquet. Since Kim is such a civilized man, he'll always be wearing the proper stuff at the proper places.

FIGHTING SKILLS: Tae kwan do, of course! You know, kicks and stuff. And he's pretty good at it! Fast too... o.o

SEX: He'll be gentle at first and take it as slow as you want it to be. He'd probably never be rough, in fear that he might hurt you.

COMPETITION: Myun, his wife. She might not be able to fight you, but he'd probably protect her. *sigh* The life as a married man. :p

OVERALL: Its a sad story ladies that you have no chance with this man unless Myun died. But you'd have to wait a few years till after her death anyways. A man like him would probably never love after he lost his wife.