okay, to tell you the truth. I don't know much about this guy. Hey who does?! All thats really known is he has K's DNA, he hates K', and he looks like Tetsuo from Akira and even has his voice-actor! ^_^' Leave me alone I'm trying...

MARITAL STATUS: Lets see.... his teams consists of all women yet this guy is SINGLE?! Come on, he could have Angel, Foxy, Diana or Kula! But oh well... this dude is weird.

STYLE: I gotta admit. This boy looks good in what he has on. As you can tell in the picture, our psycho friend wears an orange and black vest looking thingy and black leather pants. His arms are covered in black gloves and he wears black boots.

FIGHTING SKILLS: *Need some information on this..*

SEX: K9999 looks like the calm type at first, then all of sudden he's gone wild! Becareful though, he may get a little rough since this dude tends to get psycho.

COMPETITION: Theres probably not much competition since I heard Foxy can't stand him. But what about Angel?... o.O

OVERALL: Like K', K9999 will be stubborn at first and it will take awhile to win him over. But if your the patient type, then he's the one for you!