K' Dash
K's life is a little bit of a mystery. Is he Whip's sister or a clone of Kyo? Or both?! Hows that possible?... So all we really know about K' is that he doesn't like fighting in the KOF tournaments. So why does he do it? The world may never know...

MARITAL STATUS: Single. He's got to be. Even though him and Kula make a cute couple. Theres been no proof that they're together and plus in the manga I've read they're always fighting!

STYLE:K' is kind of a gothic/leather type man. He wears a black leather jacket and pants with a cross around his neck. Thats probably all he wears and the only thing he'll ever wear.

FIGHTING SKILLS: Give him that red glove thingy and hey! You got yourself another Kyo! Though he does have some different flame attacks (which I think look much cooler!) he's a bit slower than Kyo. But he about averages/rivals Iori's fighting skills. There is one big difference between him and Iori and Kyo. When K' fights, he actually has a purpose. Not just to see which one is the strongest.

SEX: Since K' seems the stubborn type, you might want to take it a little slow at first. Let the man get used to you and maybe things will warm up.

COMPETITION:Kula? You never know, she might have a little girlish crush on him. If she does cause any trouble just call up Kyo or Iori and they'll take her little ice attacks down!

OVERALL:After you read over this marriage prospect, you can tell K' is not "the perfect man." A girl who wants him has to have patience. But if you can get through all that stubborness, he maybe the one for you!