Joe Higashi
From the popular Fatal Fury series, Joe is known as the goofy kick-boxing champ. Although not a very liked character, he does bring comedy into the game. Wether he's training for the next tournament or having a beer with Terry, Joe is always a fun guy!

MARITAL STATUS: Okay, I was wrong. Joe isn't single. These lines from FF The Motion Picture got me thinking wrong: "Yeah well, you know how easy it is to rent sometimes!" or "All I want to know is, when does Joe Higashi get the girl?!" But, in the video games he flirts alot with Lilly Kane, Billy's sister. Which ticks Billy off alot. (Thanks everyone who corrected me on this! ^^; I haven't played many FF games so thats why I didn't know.)

STYLE: This guy runs around half naked in his "Joe" shorts! Nuff' said. Although when he's out somewhere, Joe does dress very stylish! (I love how he dresses in the Fatal Fury movies!)

FIGHTING SKILLS:Lacking in the strength department, but excelling in the speed department, he can still defeat opponents with ease. Because of his Muay Thai fighting style, he uses mostly kicks. He participates in championship kick-boxing and has won several titles.

SEX: Its going to take a very strong and energetic woman to tire Joe out. Even a woman like that, it'd take a few hours! Don't worry, you'd never get bored with Joe!

COMPETITION: His ho's?! YEA RIGHT!!! There really isn't much competition for Joe. So what are you waiting for? Go for him!

OVERALL: Joe maybe hyper and childish, but if you can manage to win his heart, then you got a great man.