Jhun Hoon
The newest member of the Korean team and good friend of Kim. From what I read, Kim asked Jhun to join the '99 tournament because Chang and Choi were going wild again. Jhun promised to help tame them but he won't be as nice as Kim was.

MARITAL STATUS: I once thought he was married cause I thought his son was Jae Hoon. But no, its Kim's kid! ^_^ But knowing Jhun, he probably has a couple of girlfriends. Your probably one of them! :p

STYLE:Jhun dresses like any Tai Kwan Do or whatever fighter does. But he sure look good in it! O.O I don't care how he dresses Jhun is always looking fine!

FIGHTING SKILLS:Err....same as Kim, right? Tai Kwan Do? Kicky stuff? *nervous laugh* I need to use him more in the game. But I only see him doing kicks and such like that. >.<

SEX:Very very very pleasent. ^_^ I see Jhun as either a major pimp or major ladies man. Though he will be very respectful, he'll never leave you being bored!

COMPETITION: The ho's he thinks he has....Or Kim's wife?! O.O whoa....

OVERALL: Jhun may think he's top notch but he'll probably never beat Kim. He does seem like a very loving and maybe refined gentleman. If your his woman, it'll be clear sailing!