Iori Yagami
Known as one of the most popular and most loved characters of the King of Fighters series. He first appeared in the game in KOF '95. He is a childhood enemy of Kyo and his whole family hated the Kusanagi's. Iori is also possessed with Orochi blood and is known to hurt or even kill his own teammates!

MARITAL STATUS: Single (?) Knowing Iori, he probably is. But, also reading the interesting facts from, it did state he had some kind of band on his finger. Iori never seem interested in women much so probably doesn't stay in a relationship for long.

STYLE: Iori reminds me of some kind of vampire. He's clad in a white type-of oxford buttoned low and a black jacket over, blood-reddish pants with a rope attached at the end and a moon symbol on the back of his jacket. For dates? I think this man would probably dress pretty nice.

Fighting Skills:Iori fights very aggressivley and deadly. He is a tough opponent to face. He combines brute force and speed to finish off any opponent, mostly with his flame attacks.

SEX: Wild yet pleasant. What women would not want Iori?! And if your lucky, he might get way excited and go Orochi! ^_~ Brace yourselves!

COMPETITION: Yuki?! I doubt it! Just millions of crazy Yagami fans throwing darts at your picture every night.

OVERALL: He'd probably be tough to get along with at first but, if you can manage to win him over he'll be a definite keeper.