Dress Like Iori!!!

Hello again! Benimaru here! You might remember me, well of course you would! I created that popular, wonderful, life-saving, shampoo you all love! *gets smacked by Kyo* Ouch! OK, OK, this site is also about me!...wait..Mysty! What did I say about Otaku?! Urgh...Anyways, I was forced to teach you how to dress like Iori. I don't know why, Mysty and Kyo said it would be fun. And I guess yall like looking wierd, so here are all the following items you will need to dress like Iori.

1. Black jacket. Maybe your dads old work jacket, I dunno!
2. Ratty, but long, oxford white shirt. Or if ya got pj's that look like it, thats ok.
3. Not-so-bright, but not dark, tight red pants.
4. Black boots, but not cowboy boots!
5. Red rope.
6. Marroon or bright red hair dye. (I advise a wig. I wouldn't dye my hair for nothing! Don't believe Kyo when he says my hair is bleached!)
7. I don't know what color his eyes are. I'm guessing you need red contacts.
8. Big half moon patch
9. Your mother.
10. A therapist.

Step 1:

Alright, are we ready? *looks around at the crowd infront of him* Hey, nice undies! I mean!....lets get started. *nervous laugh* Now, first, try on those skin tight red pants. *waits and hears someone's pants rip* You don't need them that tight! Jeez, you people!Attach the red rope to your shins now...

Step 2:

Alright, I hope yall's oxford shirts aren't that ratty. If it tears, thats your problem! *Kyo smacks him in the head again* Owwie! Kyo, man, stop that already! You want me to do this or not? OK!! Now, put on your oxfords. If they don't barely or are close to your knees, then it ain't gonna work!

Step 3:

Now if its not too much trouble, pick up your half moon patch, and a needle and string, and sew the patch in the middle, on the back of your black jacket. If you don't know how to sew, this is the part where you get your mother. She can also kiss your finger when you poke yourself! ^_^ (Bunch of babies...)

Step 4:

After your done with that, try on your new and not really improved, black jacket!

Step 5:

This is the step, I'd never go as far as doing. The hair. Now get your wigs or hair dye and good luck! (wierdos...)

Step 6:

Put on your boots, and carefully put in the contacts. ^_^'

Step 7:

Congratulations! Your now a wierdo! *dodges the next blow from Kyo* So, you need your therapist! Before you leave, lets see what Iori had to say about this.

Uhh, yeah...I was thinking the same thing. Well, I hoped yall enjoyed dressing like Iori. Now get lost you wierdos!! *gets smacked by both Mysty and Kyo*