About Evan

Evan Gurskis (Kamui Ogami, Kay 2wo)

Birthdate: June 9 1435

Sign: Gemini

Siblings: Brother

Blood Type: O

Lucky number: 0

Martial Status: Spoken for

Favourite movie: The Crow

Favourite color: Purple

Favourite dish: Sushi

Favourite drink: Iced Tea, Herbal Teas

Special interests: gothic architecture, fashion design, cosmotology, web design, martial arts, swords, bleak love metal, equality, christianity, selibacy

Dislikes: crueltry, hatred, aggression, racism, SUV's, sterotyping, angst, most little children, snobs, smoking, abuse of mind altering substances, cold weather, snow

Idols: Father, Ville Valo, Mr. I