Throughout the years, SNK grows more and more popular. From thier first hit video game, Fatal Fury, to thier biggest fighting game of all: King of Fighters. Heck, they even made an RPG. They conquered more than Capcom could! But theres still one big question on everyone's mind. The question people have been running to me for answers for a long time. Well my friends, today I will show the reasons and the true answers to the question everyone asks. Is Benimaru Nikaido gay?

Here we stumble upon one of the most popular. You hear things similiar to this and it just messes with your mind: What kind of a man wears a halter top?!
*tisks* Sad isn't it? That a man wears a halter top? I think not! Don't you see wrestlers out there in the WWF and WCW wearing halter tops? Do they get made fun of? No! Why, you say? Because those wrestlers, and men like Benimaru know they have a good body and are not afraid to show it off. So I say, if you have the body then take advantage of that. Why does Iori wear a long shirt? Why doesn't Joe wear a shirt? Why does Mai barely wear anything?! You don't see people asking those questions. So why pick on the clothing of Benimaru?....

Heres another one I've heard but isn't so popular as the one above:
"His own best friend calls him a femmy or a pretty boy!"
Hah! Some people just love to make me laugh. Yes, I ask them for the proof and what do they send me? Fan doujinshi! Can you read the first word? F-A-N! As in fanatic? Not as in Mai's weapon she likes to throw around. Thats all I have to say about this one. I rest my case.

*sigh* I was expecting this one...
"See! See! He's with another man!"
See! Lets not forget that that man is IORI YAGAMI himself whom I see no one calling gay. Hmm... how odd is that?! And what do you know? This manga strip wasn't even made by the creater! Another odd thing... hmm.. It must mean that Benimaru isn't gay! Wow!

Hehe, I'm such a bitch...

Hmm... Capcom..
"Look at him! He looks like a little girl in that picture!"
Err...sometimes I wonder if people have a brain. Yes, he does look a bit devilish and girlish in that pic. But who drew it? Hmm... could it be the infamous Capcom? A company that doesn't even own Benimaru?! Mwhaha! See what thinking does to a person? ^_~ Makes ya look alot smarter! entrance.
"Ah! He's wearing an earring! And that entrace is just gayish!"
Gayish? Is that even a word? o.O Okay, so he wears an earring. So are all those motor-cycle dudes and big bulleys you see at school gay too? They wear earrings. And whats wrong with the entrance? He's just showing off what all the other fighters don't got or just too afraid to show! :p

Am I making up pathetic excuses? Or is that your opinion? ^_~