Hey Beni fans and welcome to my King of Fighters domain dedicated to Benimaru Nikaido. If you have no clue who Benimaru is, he comes from the game King of Fighters and is usually on a team with Kyo Kusanagi and Goro Daimon. You can figure out more in the biography section. Anyways, this is probably the only English Benimaru shrine around. I haven't found any others. So, as of June 20, 2001 The Fruit of Fighters Benimaru Shrine was born! Enjoy your stay! ^_^

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A fic by Rena-Myyu and a song parody by Joan Gomez was added. Go check them both out! :p One in fiction one in humor. hehe, I feel like I'm forgetting something... Wierd... Oh, and I found another reason to hate Chun Li for all your capcom haters out there. See what it is in the next update! ^_~

I'm back! YAY!!!! Alaina was added to the proud parent list and I added two links. Next update will be Friday and that will contain fanfiction and the yaoi will be back up. Be patient! :p

If you ignored my cute pop-ups then I hope you don't ignore this update. I'll be on vacation the first two weeks of July and won't be able to update. You can still e-mail me though since I'll be able to check that while I'm gone. I promise more humor and fics will be added when I get back. So e-mail yours if you like. The layout you see here is just a little summer fun one. The old layout will return soon. I'll see yall on July 12th!

I should have done this months ago, but I finally fixed Joe's Marriage Prospect. Thanks for being patient everyone that had contacted me. ^_^ I'm sorry for the wait. But onto better news, Stoneth submitted a KOF Parody thats really great! Head to the humor section to check it out. I sure loved it! ^_~ Now, somemore bad news. Everyone, I don't mind if you add me to your AOL or MSN buddy list but if you only do it to flame me or just to act stupid then think twice before doing it. You will only be ignored and removed from my contact list. I don't mind getting friendly IM's from people who just want to talk. But today, someone who had added me to messanger a long time ago started messing with me. I asked what his problem was then he started cussing me out and asking why I had added HIM to messanger. Now that people, is a true idiot. Scroll to the bottom for more contact information.

Happy Birthday Fruit of Fighters!!! For this site's one year anniversary there will be a BIG update!! I've added a few fanfics, song parodies to the humor section (hope yall will contribute!)and added three new people to the Proud Parent List! And I can't forget the new link I added. *laughs nervously* And the yaoi section is down. Sorry for all you yaoi fans, yay to all you yaoi haters! ^^; As you can see, I can't decide on my layout as usual. I'm practicing html! :p This one is kind of cool. I still remember my very first layout for this site. It was so simple...*sniff* I miss it!!! And this site used to be with gurlpages! O.O Anyways, Rena-Myuu was the 10,000th visitor so congrats Rena! YAY!!! Thanks for all the hits everyone! Master Kap Hwan even made me a banner! You can see it here! I also got a wonderful Birthday present from Penny! Click here to view it! Its really cute! Thanks Penny and thanks Master Kap Hwan!

Non KOF Stuff:
If yall enjoy the anime Vampire Princess Miyu, I made a small shrine. You can view it here!

Bed of Roses

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