STYLE: Beni is always styling! Black shirt khakis and for the manga, add that kick-ass trenchcoat! So if you want a good-looking date, get Beni to put his hair down and you got yourself a good time!Benimaru Nikaido

BIO: The pretty boy of KOF and best friend of Kyo Kusanagi. Beni is known to be very conceited. Always jealous of his best friend's power doesn't stop him either. Benimaru strives to be the best everyday and nothing will get in his way!

MARITAL STATUS: ??? I actually have no clue if Beni is single or not. He's always around women and dating them on and off. (I know! I should smack myself for not knowing my favorite character's marital status!)

FIGHTING SKILLS:Known for his swift moves and lightning ability, Benimaru is one of the best to use. He is a very tough opponent who is always striving to be number one.

SEX: He'll go for it! Heck, he'd probably being leading you on! Watch out, things might be "shocking!" ^_~ Beni looks like he'd be a great guy in bed and never leave you bored.

COMPETITION: Me! :p j/k, anyways! Just the loving NON-YAOI fans. I don't think theres any girl in KOF interested in him.

OVERALL: Beni is a very fun-loving guy who loves women and respects in the way they deserve. Sure he's a bit conceited, but if your the right girl, he's all yours!