So conceited.... I love it! Hehehe, not only is Beni gorgeous in the games, he's gorgeus in the manga too! *dreamy sigh* Why can't he be real?... Oops! Anywayz, don't ask me to translate these, you'll just be wasting your time because I don't know! ^^

Aww! Shingo don't shock Beni like that!

Wha! Benimaru Yagami!

Shingo, the leader?! No!! >.<

The infamous Beni Shampoo cover! Kawaii Iori!

Whoa! Color! Beni looks cool!(doesn't he always?!)

Listen to your elders, Shingo! Beni knows all! O.O

Sideview...*dreamy sigh*

Friends Forever! ^_^

Err..whats going on here?

Kawaii buddies!

Bad Robert!!!

Please wait! ^_^

Ooh! Serious!

Most pics were found at KOF '97, see 'em in my links section!