Manga, artbook, games, others... he's cute everywhere! But where is he the most famous? The game of course! Does it look like us Americans get the manga?! NO!!! >.< Thats not fair! Mean ol' SNK people! Anyways, Beni still looks the same in the game as the manga, so check out these cool pics! Starting from '94 to 2001! (even tho their not in order from that date! ^^')

Don't cover that beautiful face! (winning pose in '98)

Doing it again! sigh... Don't know which game this is.

Wow! That looks familiar...(2000 I think..)

Beni and his buddies!

The ultimate team, bwhaha!


Watch me now! A flowers life's brief! ^^

He rules...

2000 character pic. Pretty!

Tsk tsk, Shingo's cheatin!

Can't help it...He's tha man!

Lookin good in '99!

You can't beat the un-beatable! :p

Yuki! Your in Beni's way! Err!

2001...You so screwed up! Look at him! *sobs*

Pretty background!